Maskovica Han in Vrana – The curious history of the latest heritage hotel in Croatia

History of the Turkish Han in Vrana near Biograd – The Westernmost civil monument of the Turkish rule in the Balkans.

Old Road to Tulove Grede and over Velebit Mountain

26914190740_757ae3ff5a_kThis past spring we finally managed to take the famous old road Majstorska cesta leading from Dalmatia to Lika and passing beautiful Tulove grede rock formation.

The Highest Peak of Croatia – Sinjal

dinara013Hiking to Croatia’s highest peak . Sinjal (1831m) – is quite an experience as Dinara mountain offers stunning views and opportunity to enjoy nature at it’s wildest!

The sands of Susak Island

susak-33 I always wanted to visit Susak. There is something (actually, A LOT  of) unique about that island. Well off the radar, it is a peaceful paradise far away from popular and noisy islands of the Dalmatian coast.