Konoba Zoglov, Vis Island

Nestled in the heart of the Dalmatian archipelago, Vis Island is a true gem of the Croatian coastline. Known for its breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural heritage, Vis also boasts great local cuisine and delicacies like Viška/Komiška pogača, Cviti biscuits, Vugava wine…

So, every time we go around, we look for something authentic. For places that still keep the tradition alive. At least sort of.

Konoba Zoglav

Situated in the quaint bay of Zaglav on Vis Island, Konoba Zoglav presents an inviting atmosphere that transports visitors to a bygone era. Zaglav’s rustic charm of stone walls, wooden beams, and cement floors exudes a sense of tradition. The tavern’s proximity to the sea adds to the ambience, with the gentle sound of waves providing a soothing backdrop to the dining experience. Ok, the beach is very popular in high season as it is sandy so sound of waves usually mixes with kids screaming. Nothing major, though.

Menu at Zoglov

Our family lunch commenced with a delightful selection of appetizers, or “predjelo” as the locals call it. Platters of thinly sliced Dalmatian prosciutto, fish pate, locally produced cheese, and marinated olives graced our table. These savory bites were paired with a drizzle of locally harvested olive oil, creating a symphony of flavors. Just the way we like to start our meal.

Menu at Zoglov
Menu at Zoglov
Ožujsko beer
Menu at Zoglov

I hate Ožujsko beer, but this was offered on tap and just felt right. I usually drink gemišt but did not feel like this time. It felt like a proper beer day.

The Food

We ordered some grilled calamari, grilled mackerel, and mixed grilled meat. Nothing fancy.

Grilled mackerel
Grilled mackerel
Grilled calamari

Our culinary journey concluded on a sweet note with an excellent carob/chocolate cake. Really superb, home made.

Forgot to take the photo when it just got to the table… 🙁

Konoba “Zoglov” is a classic style tavern. Nothing fancy there but food was awesome and the settings are superb. If you are on Vis with kids, then Zaglav bay and sandy beach will surely be on your list. Just few steps away is this great place for lunch or early dinner. It would be good to make a reservation in peak summer months as it can get busy: https://www.tz-vis.hr/stranice/restorani-i-konobe/60/hr.html