Abandoned Military Tunnels of Vis – Revisited

This past summer, we spent few weeks on Vis (like every year). And it was a great opportunity to revisit Stupišće abandoned military base- I wrote about it few years back and here is the article as not much changed: abandoned military base of Stupišće near Komiza

I also took some new photos but the goal was to start shooting some footage for the upcoming Youtube channel. VIDEO is on the bottom of the article.

Entering the tunnel for land to sea missles
My son inside the tunnel
Out the tunnel
Canon at Stupišće

Abandoned military tunnels of Vis Island at Barjaci

Moving from Stupišće, one has to get off road to reach Barjaci. It is a 20min + drive on the gravel road in the least visited part of the island. Not an easy drive unless you have an SUV and it is a one line road so you cannot really speed as you can get in trouble. Especially on the parts of the road that are on the steep slope. But, it is a very interesting and rewarding drive, I drove there before when I was looking for the abandoned village of Dragodid.

This is even more scenic as one continues to the small inlet of Barjoška.

Barjaci from the air

The Base

The Barjaci base was not missile base but a canon base with 4 canon posts. There are also some small “huts” that were basically just a decoy to trick possible aerial espionage that the base is just a small fishermen outpost. There is a set of tunnels connecting everything underground but we did not explore it entirely as we have already seen the ones at Stupišće. While this is an interesting site, the tunnels were about the same.

Coming out the “fishermen’s hut”


Even if you have no interest in military history, this is a lovely part of town to visit. This is also an inlet where parts of Mama Mia II was filmed few years back! If coming in the summer – no matter if by car or by boat – the waters are just fantastic to refresh yourself! We offer several different tours and experiences on Vis and our military tour of Vis Island is the most popular.

Here is the video of this great visit to abandoned military tunnels of Vis Island: