Lamb Pizza in Sinac

Tasting fabulous lambizza: local lamb pizza at Pizzeria Ruspante in Sinac near Otočac

Dolac Market in the Winter Morning

[caption id="attachment_3415" align="alignnone" width="1326"]2015-12-26_103144a Dolac is waking up…[/caption]Dolac market is always on my list of places to visit when in Zagreb. Last month we had some stuff to do in the city so we went one morning to check the offer and to buy some local delicacies (home made cream, butter…) before heading south.

The heritage of Škopljanci

Škopljanci is a tiny hamlet, part of  Radošić village in the Dalmatian hinterland known as Zagora. Just about an hour north of Split, I usually take a scenic drive over Malačka panorama point that makes this drive extra special. Getting to Škopljanci is easy. The hamlet is well marked with signs for traditional Bikijada: a festival of…

Flights to Croatia

Flights to Croatia are one of the most sought after terms when researching how to reach Croatia. As more and more carriers are flying directly to Croatia, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get proper information and to find the easiest way to (and out of) Croatia. From the main airports to several smaller, and…

Museum of Croatian Independence war in Turanj

In the grim and cloudy winter days I occasionally remember the war of the 90s. The shelling, the times without the electricity, listening to the news on the radio in the basement… One of the places mentioned the most was Turanj. Of the same name as the town where I was born in, this other Turanj,…