Summer Afternoon in Dalmatian Hinterland

It is peak traveling season and we are under a lot of pressure to deliver top quality programs and experiences. The days are hot and there is no pleasure in sitting outside at Split’s famed waterfront or in the shade of Dubrovnik’s walls. For me, the best getaway is to run to the hills.

Ok, not exactly to run but to drive the roads less traveled and explore the beautiful hinterland of Sinj and Vrlika.


Just half hour of Split is beautiful historic town of Sinj with its great traditions and classic Dalmatian architecture. But, my goal was to head to the hillside. So, just after Glavice, I headed to the village of Bajagić and further up to the hillside.

The time has stopped in that area. There was pretty much no one on the road and then, from the distance, I heard cow bells and a small cow herd emerged from the bushes going home after a day at the pasture.


A dog accompanying the herd was quite playful and was “attacking” one of the cows.


But after the herd disappeared back in the bushes, everything was so calm and peaceful again. Only the sound of crickets was breaking through the dust and summer heat. Perfection.


I continued through the hillside as I wanted to find the canyon of Rumin river and see it from above. The narrow trail was getting almost lost in the tall grass but the bee keepers kept their trucks on pasture making the trail visible.

Kamešnica mountain in the background


Short stop to enjoy the silence and a mile or so to another stop where one can see the canyon.


Beautiful Rumin river below

But this stop also gives wonderful views of Cetina river valley.


As the darkness was falling, I decided to head back closer to Cetina. Not too many birds to see in the hot summer afternoon but the area is full of grasshoppers of all sizes and colors.


The valley was basking in hot summer sun with clouds providing an amazing sunset.


Cetina river
Svilaja mountain in the distance
At the banks of Cetina

While masses flock to the beaches, true peace and relaxation is away from it all. And not too far away.



  1. and not too far away !

    On 5 August 2018 at 16:29, Secret Dalmatia Blog – Travel Experiences


    Great to see that ancient breed of Dalmatian cattle grazing . Sadly all our ancient breeds of livestock are dying out . Next trip to Dalmatia will be to see some real working farms and untouched villages ….

  3. @ Dinko – we are loosing population, let alone the cattle… Pretty soon there will be no one in these hills 🙁

  4. Mara says:

    Beautiful scenery!

  5. @ Mara – It surely is!

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