History of Peka

The history and origins of Croatian peka through archaeological and historical sources

Vampire of Kringa

Visiting the graveyard of Kringa in search of a legend of Jure Grando – the first recorded person known to have come back from the dead.

Forgotten Dalmatia Exhibition

Split’s Maritime Museum recently played host to an exhibition of old documents, organized by Igor Goleš, a local authority on postcards and the author of several monographs on the historic postcards of Dalmatia.

Purple valley of Dalmatia

Purple valley of Dalmatia near the village of Ostrovica is a stunnng place during May for Dalmatian Scilla blossom season.

Lamb Pizza in Sinac

Tasting fabulous lambizza: local lamb pizza at Pizzeria Ruspante in Sinac near Otočac