Hilltop Fortress of Orlić and true abandoned Croatia


Winter exploring of Dalmatian hinterland, hilltop fortress of Orlić and abandoned villages

Benkovac Wine Tasting

Benkovac-Tasting-001Earlier this spring we had a pleasure to show our hospitality to several quite interesting guests from USA. Mr. Frank Dietrich, joined by his staff, wine writer Marcy Gordon and Zdravko and Marion Podolski of GoHvar blog all joined us at a very special little tasting in Benkovac.

Following the Roman Roads

First Sunday of April brought beautiful, sunny weather and we decided to head in to the hills. This time following ancient Roman road leading from the coast all the way t the interior.

Winter Wanderings in Dalmatian Hinterland

[caption id="attachment_3997" align="alignnone" width="1000"]winterdaysinbukovica202 Ancient oak tree[/caption]
As the winter is gone, Easter holidays just behind us, we are all looking forward the beauty of Spring in Dalmatia, I am publishing one last winter blog post.

The hilltop fortress of Lišane

This winter continues with beautiful weather. Perfect for hikes and exploring the sites I never visited before. It is simply amazing how many of those still are! And I keep finding new ones… After few years I knew about it, I finally got the time to get to the Lišanska gradina (Lišane hilltop fortress). It…

The last oak forest of Dalmatia

When one thinks of Dalmatia, oak forest is probably not the first association. One can think of rocky landscapes, low bushes and shrubs or lush pine tree forests. Typical Mediterranean vegetation. However, Dalmatian coast looked very differently  in the past. The first photographs show a very barren landscape with almost no trees. Mostly because everything was…

Winter wanderings – Nunic in Bukovica

Winter is not the best time for exploring and winter walks. The weather has been rainy and fairly cold (folks from Canada, please do not laugh at our cold) but that should not stop anyone from at least a stroll by the sea or an easy hike. I like to explore the Dalmatian hinterland. Without…

Underwater archaeology in Croatia (with Secret Dalmatia)

Over a year ago, I was talking to my good friend Mato Ilkić, an archaeologist with Zadar University and authority on antique coins and underwater archaeology, how there is so much to discover and not enough funds. With our economy in gutter, archaeology gets only peanuts… There are excavations of course, but very limited. It…

Buhač or amazing Dalmatian chrysanthemum

Now this is one amazing flower! Buhač is its the name in Croatian or, in English, Dalmatian chrysanthemum If you want to test a local on his/her knowledge on Dalmatia and looking for a good question, just ask them what Buhač is and if they an recognize it in the wild. So what is so special about…