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Looong overdue, here comes a post on one of the greatest places serving traditional food. “Šopot” restaurant, located in Šopot near Benkovac is one of the best traditional restaurants in the region. Well worth you turning right when coming off the highway and heading towards Biograd. It is easy to reach and your only worry will be if you can get a parking spot if coming during lunch time…

"Šopot" restaurant
"Šopot" restaurant

This restaurant has been in business since 1904! So, they must be doing something right if they have been opened this long and still VERY busy despite everything.

What do I come here for? PEKA! Veal peka to be precise. Even  though I am not a “veal person”, what these guys serve here is just out of this world good! Succulent, soft, tender, melting-in-your-mouth extravaganza of tastes. I have been there several times and it was always superb! Lamb, you can go wrong with if coming in the season when the fresh lamb is not available but in the right season…just another superb culinary experience. And that is it! You can go there for meat on the grill, soups, lamb on a spit is fabulous…as they have a full menu but their peka simply cannot be beat (and I have tired some really spectacular pekas!) and that is something you should go here for.

Over a century in business
Over a century in business

The restaurant itself is spacious and often caters for smaller events and weddings but it is not anything fancy. I usually go there with clients if we are exploring the region as this is a perfect ending for any type of program or tour :))

Continuing the tradition - young owner bringing food to the table
Continuing the tradition - young owner bringing food to the table

Recently Badel winery in Benkovac started producing some really serious wines and “Šopot” is proud to offer them. My client and I – Mrs. Kasic Helen – were enjoying a lovely Couvee although I prefer some other wines like Benkovac merlot.

mmm and home baked bread :))

The restaurant also has a fabulous selection of home made brandies. Treasure in glasses!
And, for dessert, what better than fritule?


Well, actually there is… Prisnac is a local dessert unique to this region. It is very simple as it is done with only water, flour, cottage cheese and some other stuff ( I am the worst culinary blogger there is…) and I promised to go to Sopot to make a movie on how it’s done.

Before I come back with video materials, visit “Šopot” – it is bellow a scenic little place on a hilltop and just across the street from an ancient spring that is known to be the place where even old Croatian dukes used to come and drink water from. My recommendation is peka, in case you haven’t read what I wrote, but lamb on a spit as equally popular! Also, instead of having lunch on gas stations and other restaurants that are no match for “Šopot”, take a small culinary detour (it is less than 5 minutes off the highway) and enjoy some real food!

+385 23 681 033

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  1. Vera Z Framnes says:

    I’m really looking forward…. you know… your film about prisnac, the dessert you wrote about! : )

  2. Will definitely visit this summer when in the neighbourhood! I assume you need to order the peka in advance?

  3. @ Vera – once I get few minutes off, I am going there but don’t think it will be very soon 🙁
    @ DLCS – Actually, no need for ordering if coming around lunch time. Their regulars are peka affectionados so they have at least a few ready every day.

  4. Wow, good to know!

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