Cats of Dalmatia

There is a parallel, almost perfectly silent world existing in every Dalmatian town. It is the world of cats.
Despite the popular Dalmatian dog, Dalmatia has always been the land of cats. You simply cannot imagine a Dalmatian town or village without cats scratching their sides of the ancient walls, moving between legs of tourists eating at the restaurants, lazily stretching in the sun… and, of course, there is no February without them waking us up in the middle of the night!

Morning in Korcula
Gangs of Sibenik

In the old days, they were kept as the perfect weapon against the rats and mice in the old towns or in villages but with the decline of Dalmatia’s historic centers, they are also disappearing. All those beauties of different colors are slowly vanishing from our streets. Or just hiding till summer comes?

Lords of Korcula

One detail in historic Sibenik tells a lovely story of Dalmatia’s connection with animals. There are two stone bowls located just after the big piazza when going to the cathedral. One says “Per Amor di Cani” (For the love of dogs) and another is for cats!
I am not sure that the animals knew where to go but still a nice detail! 🙂

Per amor di gatti..

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  1. neha says:

    Lovely! I was considering a very similar post. I was in Dalmatia a couple of weeks ago and saw the most beautiful (and fffat) cats.

  2. Glad you like it! We live with cats all our lives but many people don’t even notice them!

  3. Kristijan says:

    I like dogs but always had a cat (until 5 years ago)

    But, 15 years ago, friend and I, whenever we would come across someone who is walking Dalmatian dog, we would ask, along this lines, do they know why he is called Dalmatian? 99% of owners would not know (north America).

    On other occasions, when asked were am I from, I still love to say, “Croatia but my mom is Dalmatian” 🙂 and then with big eyes, from time to time I am asked “how can you say for my mom that she is a dog?” 🙂

    Nice story about cats, I remember seeing them a lot in Dubrovnik.

  4. Elisa says:

    It’s so true..a day doesn’t pass by that I don’t see a cat, I see them hanging out near the trashcans or simply strolling the streets in the Diocletian palace.

    thanks for pointing out those two bowls. iwill look for them on our upcoming trip.

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