Karst, megaliths, mysteries…or not?

This mild winter, when it is not raining, is perfect for exploring the region and for hiking, walking and all sorts of activities outdoors. I have a list of places that I plan to visit – both historic and natural – that is ever-expanding as I keep discovering new spots. There are about 60 of them at the moment and I hope to visit them all in the next years.
One such place was “Gradina” in the heart of Bukovica, Medviđa. Surely one of my favorite places in Croatia for its unique landscapes.

Few days back, with a group of friends, we decided to go and see “Gradina”. There are numerous locations of that name in Dalmatia and that usually marks the place of ancient fortress, refuge… dating back to the time of Illyrians. Most of them are located in North Dalmatia but they are common in Istria, Lika, Hercegovina … The ones in North Dalmatia have been attributed to Liburnians as Zadar was their capital and they inhabited the region in the past. They are also quite well-known for their megalithic walls that can be seen on Asseria, Bribirska glavica and several others.

But, no block I have seen before was of this size…


Megaliths...natural or artificial?
Megaliths…natural or artificial?

The entire hill is filled with numerous blocks of enormous dimensions:

Really big blocks
Really big blocks
Some looklike they have been positioned in a certain way
Some look like they have been positioned in a certain way
More blocks
More blocks
Through the megalith forest...
Through the megalith forest…

The blocks and structures certainly look artificial but, knowing how karst and limestone are capable of creating all sorts of shapes… I am more inclined to think that this is all natural. Here are more images and would love to hear from a geologist.


The wall?
The wall?
More natural shapes?
More natural shapes?
A well?
A well?

No trace of pottery nor metal on the hill. Just massive blocks of limestone.  In any case, very unusual and very interesting!

Another great winter walk!

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  1. Think you have the very same problem like me Alan 🙂
    (To) many things on your bucket list, and even more to discover.
    If I only draw a circle of 50 km. around our village, those “jos sto godine” must become fact to see it all.

  2. hehehe— that is a problem, indeed!

  3. I love this sort of landscape, it’s amazing. We’ve come across a couple of places on Korcula similar to this, with fascinating and sometimes very large rocks and boulders…like you, we are interested to know more. Enjoy seeing those next 59 places! 🙂

  4. Thank you! This size limestone blocks are not rare but they are not that often either and especially not formed as this. But, nature is amazing!

  5. These rocks are formed in a really specific way. Specially that hole on the side of one of them

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