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Pictures of old Šibenik

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Yes, there are beautiful, old cities and towns lined along the coast of Croatia and many of them are quite unique and very memorable. But, although Trogir, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik…attract a lot of travelers these days, my personal favorite is Šibenik.

There is simply something about Šibenik.
No matter if it is the historic charm still preserved in the old part of the town…

The ancient defense walls...
Historic Dolac

… omnipresent images of easy living…

Relaxing by the sea
Relaxing by the sea

…childhood memories…

Nice playground
Nice playground

… or that romance in the air…

By the sea
By the sea

…Šibenik is full of wonderful images. Beautiful views and historic details at every turn: typical Mediterranean city but with very unique soul and heritage. Despite the population being nearly wiped out of plague in late 17th century, the city recovered and prospered again with it’s heyday being the late 19th century and early 20th century. Trade, shipping, wine, crafts, factories… All that, and much more, one was able to find in Šibenik and it’s busy harbor.

The busy harbor
Merchant ships lined along the old Šibenik riva
Stores long gone
Stores long gone

And that is one more reason to feel sad now, in the 21st century, to see all or Dalmatian cities – not only Šibenik – looking abandoned and deserted. Hundred years ago, there were people hanging out…

Hanging out. Old school.
Hanging out. Old school.

Working on their boats…

Building boats in Dolac
Building boats in Dolac

Redefining their city by tearing down medieval walls and towers…

The Teodosevic tower next to the Cathedral
The Teodosevic tower next to the Cathedral

… and enjoying their city being city in the true sense of the word!

The city of Šibenik back in early 1900s
The city of Šibenik back in early 1900s

…with people from the nearby islands and villages coming to trade their produce to wealthy families of local merchants and industrialists…

Coming from the islands
Coming from the islands

…and ships coming from far away to bring the finest materials and necessities to the locals.

Ups! Galatea sunk at the main pier back on April 27th of 1907 (original photo from my private collection)
Ups! Galatea sunk at the main pier back on April 27th of 1907 (original photo from my private collection)

Hopefully, the Dalmatian cities will rebound.
And the streets of our towns and cities will be filled with happy folks proud of their heritage and with clear idea where we are going and what we are doing. Šibenik lacks a lot of infrastructure for serious, quality tourism but recent developments are bringing fresh ideas and I want to believe that, in my time, we will change the things around…





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  1. Town of my grandparents! It will happen!! I feel the same, optimistic and proud!!! 😀

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