Following the Roman Roads

First Sunday of April brought beautiful, sunny weather and we decided to head in to the hills. This time following ancient Roman road leading from the coast all the way t the interior.

Winter Colors of Jadrija Beach

[caption id="attachment_3908" align="alignnone" width="1000"]jadrija007 Jadrija lighthouse[/caption]
There are numerous “famous” beaches on our coast. Bačvice in Split, Kolovare beach of Zadar, Banje in Dubrovnik, Bonj of Hvar… to mention just a few. But Jadrija of Šibenik seems to have a special aura even to those not native to Šibenik. It is probably because it is the last “classic” beach still standing.

Fortress of Sonkovic

[caption id="attachment_3832" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]sonk008 Sonković Fortress[/caption]
Winter is always the best time to explore. The weather, when sunny, is ideal for hikes and walks.

And there is always something cool and new to see.
Recently I found out about a fortress in Sonković village near Skradin. It is only a short drive away and just about 10 minutes off the highway. The fortress looked interesting in Google Earth but checking it for real is what it is all about.

The hilltop fortress of Lišane

This winter continues with beautiful weather. Perfect for hikes and exploring the sites I never visited before. It is simply amazing how many of those still are! And I keep finding new ones… After few years I knew about it, I finally got the time to get to the Lišanska gradina (Lišane hilltop fortress). It…

Skradin Photo Album – 1900

It’s not often that one comes across a 115 years old photo album of Dalmatia. I am sure that there are few still forgotten in some attics, old family houses… and I hope someone will recognize the beauty and value of those fading images. Recently, I stumbled upon a beautiful photo album dating back to…

Rocky beaches of Croatia – Koromašna, Murter

For most of us locals, rocky beaches are the best. Flat rocky beaches, that is. Sand is fun for kids but not when you get past your teens. We only look for a nice, flat piece of rock by the sea and that’s it. Luckily, there are numerous great rocky beaches all over the coast. Quite popular…

Dalmatian pyramid

No, this is not a new discovery in line with “Bosnian pyramids”. This is just a possible explanation of a mysterious pyramid first drawn on a 1570 map that was based on an older map by Šibenik native Martin Kolunic Rota who one of the most significant graphic artists of the second half of the…

Winter sunset walk in Modrave

Modrave is one of the last untouched areas of our coastline. Hopefully, it will stay that way as it should be protected from the devastation that destroyed most of our coastline. This beautiful stretch starts after Drage and continues to Prosika just before Pirovac, central Adriatic. Vransko lake is behind it (in the old days…

Ghost village of Karanovac

Our hinterland hides many secrets and it is my pleasure to keep discovering them. Going places where few have been and making sure many more know about them while preserving our heritage, was one of my goals when I started Secret Dalmatia and this blog. So, it was a pure excitement when I stumbled upon – researching…