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Winter sunset walk in Modrave

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Modrave is one of the last untouched areas of our coastline. Hopefully, it will stay that way as it should be protected from the devastation that destroyed most of our coastline. This beautiful stretch starts after Drage and continues to Prosika just before Pirovac, central Adriatic. Vransko lake is behind it (in the old days it would be “in front” as coastline was very scarcely populated) and Murter archipelago in front. The area is known for thousands of olive trees and it’s dry stone walls. Lately, the bike routes have been established and it makes a great cycling area.

Modrave Sunset
Modrave Sunset with Murter archipelago and Kornati in front

It is also a great area if looking for some nice secluded beaches or coves to anchor. Nowhere near as crowded as popular destinations. But, in the winter time, these bike routes and narrow trails by the sea, make a perfect walking area! We were rewarded with one amazing sunset last month when we decided to explore the Stani bay.

Modrave Sunset
Each family had it’s own pier
Modrave Sunset
Old harbor
Modrave Sunset
By the water

Stani got it’s name from cottages that used to be here. Probably just for olive oil pickers from Murter and Betina that are owners of most of these lands. Several ruins still remain.

Modrave Sunset
Modrave Sunset
Old cottage and one restored

Just one great spot for walking and enjoying a very quiet shore in the winter.

Last light
Last light

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4 Replies to “Winter sunset walk in Modrave”

  1. To bad them pictures didn’t work out well 😉
    Fantastic shots !
    Seems the Huffington Post declared Croatia as thé place to go in 2014.
    Only hope they do/see/feel more than Dubrovnik.
    Poz. Pim.

  2. Thx Pim
    I agree with you. It is becoming sad that only Dubrovnik gets all the press basically “destroying” the city while other amazing areas will probably never get discovered. Maybe that’s better but still… It would be nice to get some folks to enjoy this beauty!

  3. However just a novice :-), know a couple of places where I am sure, people would simply fall in love with Dalmatia for éver !
    Ah well Alan, you are doing a super job, and I, just for the sake of sharing our luck show them on either my blog or in reality when good friends visit us here.
    Just today received an email from an old colleague I showed around a bit, and made him the very best ambassador for Dalmatia.
    Keep spreading diamonds, there’s plenty for all.

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