Winter Colors of Jadrija Beach

There are numerous “famous” beaches on our coast. Bačvice in Split, Kolovare beach of Zadar, Banje in Dubrovnik, Bonj of Hvar… to mention just a few. But Jadrija of Šibenik seems to have a special aura even to those not native to Šibenik. It is probably because it is the last “classic” beach still standing.

Jadrija back in the 60s

The fashionable, grand beaches with cabins, were all the rage in the beginning of the 20th century but very few are preserved. Bačvice of Split were probably the most impressive beach at this side of the Adriatic but now nothing is left… Jadrija is the only one that is still preserved and echoes the time of now funny swimming outfits and a very different society in general.

Jadrija lighthouse

Jadrija is now a peninsula but, up until the 1922. it was an island of Sv Andrija (St Andrew). Once connected, the beach area was established and cabins erected. It was a main beach of Šibenik ever since despite the faded shine.

Graffiti telling you where you are

Jadrija is a popular place for walks even in the winter period. It is quiet, relaxing, different…

Colorful doors of Jadrija cabins
The iconic doors

It has just been announced, in the local press, that Jadrija will undergo a major face lift to bring it a long lost shine and probably a few modern improvements. Although, it is a lovely area, it does need quite a bit of care and love.

Jadrija doors in the winter sun

Jadrija is full of details.


Are these two still together?


And a cool place for upcoming models

Jadrija is now a popular getaway for folks from Sibenik and there are numerous summer houses and few camps next to the main beach area. The main attraction of the place are,  of course, the doors. And there are many lovely ones with character.

Some doors are old…
…some are made of metal.
Some are probably here for a very long time…



And some are looking at you.


Jadrija is just across from the fortress of Sv Nikola at the very entrance of Šibenik channel and the view of the fortress is nice but you cannot get a better view as the lighthouse is surrounded by a wire fence.

Fortress of Sv Nikola through the pine trees

As the sun was setting, the winter cold was starting to bite our hands and kid’s noses.




And it was time to go back home. Hoping to return in the summer months when Jadrija gets a new and updated look.

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