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Skradin Photo Album – 1900

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It’s not often that one comes across a 115 years old photo album of Dalmatia. I am sure that there are few still forgotten in some attics, old family houses… and I hope someone will recognize the beauty and value of those fading images.

Recently, I stumbled upon a beautiful photo album dating back to 1900.

The album
The album
The spread
The spread
The beauty of classical details
The beauty of classical details

It was a private album of Marasovic family that once owned most of Skradin region. The images were taken by Jerolim Marasović who was a son of a major of Skradin back then. Most of the images have been already seen and published in a 2009 book: Marasović – fotografska zbirka published by Joško and Nataša Zaninović by Krka National Park. The collection is now in Zadar’s Znanstvena knjižnica or Research Library of Zadar.

I have not seen the book so I was quite surprised when I got my hands on the album!

Here are just a few from the album that contains 28 images of Skradin and Skradin region.

Visovac monastery
Visovac monastery

Not the best of quality but again, this was a local amateur photographer.

Roski slap waterfalls
Roski slap waterfalls
Orthodox church in Kistanje
Orthodox church in Kistanje

I did not play with colors or filters and wanted to keep the authentic feel I have seen on the images in the album.

Hanging out with the locals
Hanging out with the locals
Sailing in style
Sailing in style
Streets of Skradin
Streets of Kistanje
Interior of Serbian Orthodox church in Kistanje (?)
Interior of Serbian Orthodox church in Kistanje (?)
Skradin 1900... no marina, no bridge, no trees
Skradin 1900… no marina, no bridge, no trees
Skradin from the water
Skradin from the water

And my favorite image:

Visiting the ruins of Burnum
Visiting the ruins of Roman military camp at Burnum

The images are simply fantastic and give instant goose bumps to everyone interested in our heritage and tradition!


5 Replies to “Skradin Photo Album – 1900”

  1. Mala ispravka , naime fotografija ispod koje pise ,,streets of Sktradin,, ne pokazuje ulicu Skradina vec ulicu u Kistanjama na kojoj se vidi novoizgradjena zgrada Kotarskoga suda , poslije Mjesnoga Ureda iz cini mi se 1903 godine.

  2. I am from Australia with parents from Blato . I am very sad with all that is lost .Every year I see more and more destruction of our wonderful heritage and culture . Extremely sad to see so much concrete and new builds in the the old parts of so many stunning villages ,
    Soon there will be nothing left …SHAME on the local councils and government ….

  3. Thank you for sharing. Incredible just like stepping back into history. Hope that some of the things photographed have survived to this day.

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