Summer Afternoon in Dalmatian Hinterland

Zagora---Vrdovo-i-Cetina-29One Summer Afternoon in the Dalmatian countryside

Secret Dalmatia cooks for homeless

[caption id="attachment_4374" align="alignnone" width="1000"]tt7 And cutting and chopping and peeling…[/caption] We are lucky to have met dozens of great people in our line of work. Many amazing people are working with us in one goat: to provide great experiences for travelers. One of them is Lana Iljadica who is not only our dear friend and one of the best guides ever but also a person of great love for everyone.

Fortress of Sonkovic

[caption id="attachment_3832" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]sonk008 Sonković Fortress[/caption]
Winter is always the best time to explore. The weather, when sunny, is ideal for hikes and walks.

And there is always something cool and new to see.
Recently I found out about a fortress in Sonković village near Skradin. It is only a short drive away and just about 10 minutes off the highway. The fortress looked interesting in Google Earth but checking it for real is what it is all about.

Offroading in Croatia – Vransko jezero

As the season ended, I got back to the list of places I still had to visit. Despite being small, Dalmatia hides many riches and amazing places, unexpected views, historic and natural heritage. One of the places I had in mind for a while was the canyon on the northern shore of Vransko jezero. Vransko jezero is…

Adriatic dreaming

The 2012 is slowly passing by… Few more hours and it will be gone. But it definitely does not look like late December in Dalmatia! With extraordinary warm (well…15 Celsius…) and sunny weather, it is perfect to spend time outdoors. So, took my son for a boat ride to nearby Ricul Island. Ricul is easily…

Dalmatinski kolač – a taste of yesterday

With all the invasion of small bakeries in Croatia, some old tastes are getting lost. Pushed away from the shelves, they will soon just be part of our memories. One of those is a round dry, pastry called Dalmatinski kolač or, as we all simply call it, kolač (cake in English) Not sure when it…

297. Sinjska Alka 2012 – The Alka of Sinj Tournament

One of the most interesting events in all of Croatia is Alka of Sinj Tournament. The Sinjska alka is an equestrian competition/tournament held every first Sunday in the month of August in town of Sinj, hinterland of Split. The tournament has been held for continuous 297 times since 1715 commemorating the victory over Ottoman Turkish…