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This is the second time I am writing about this place that was first described a while back on another post on Kudin most but this visit was more special…

In the summer heat, while everyone is going to the sea for cooling off, I went to meet my friend and his small group on Kudin Most.

Travertine cascades
Travertine cascades

The original plan was to hike to the cave on Krnjeza but some members of our group were not up for the task so we decided to chill by the Kudin most instead.

Kudin most
Kudin most

The entire area is picture perfect! The river runs through a very picturesque part of it’s canyon and this small river is often considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers of Croatia! If not the one!

The river and it's canyon
The river and it's canyon

Getting here is a bit of a task with a narrow goat path being your only way to get to the river…and back again. Very steep climb and don’t attempt it in beach footwear or anything fancy.

Other members of the group descending slowly
Other members of the group descending slowly

But the walk is simply worth it! The valley is so picturesque and beautiful that it looks like a place from a fairytale.

The river
The river

I never thought that I will say that swimming in the river beats swimming in the sea but swimming in Krupa was so good it should be illegal! Of course, the river is full of life so don’t mind ocasional frog, fish or even a water snake.

Very shy water snake
Very shy water snake

I should write here all sorts of stuff to keep you away from this paradise, but this place is so spectacular that I think everyone should see it when in Croatia. Luckily, most people are still interested only in seeing big cities and not enjoying the authentic Dalmatian hinterland so I am sure very few of my readers will bother driving about an hour from Zadar to get here.

The waterfalls
The waterfalls

Definitely planing on going there at least one more time this summer and even the winter is amazing here! Have to see it when the waterfalls freeze but not sure how safe is to hike down that goat path…

Nonetheless, simply a paradise!




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