My name is Alan Mandić and this blog is dedicated to all the riches of Croatia – especially to the most amazing part of the world – the Dalmatian Coast.

I am the owner of  Secret Dalmatia – Unique travel experiences in Croatia – travel agency and this blog will give you a better sense of the country, it’s traditions and culture as well as what we do and what our tours are all about!

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  1. Bok Alan,

    I am very interested in connecting with you. I’m a travel writer, and have written about Croatia for The Wall Street Journal India, New York Resident Magazine, WineEnthusiast Magazine and CroatianChronicle.com. I am currently a Travel Expert for Jetsetter.com specializing in travel to Croatia. You can read more about me and my new project on Pag Island at psfrompag.com.

    I would love to go on one of your Secret Dalmatia tours, and possibly cover it for a publication. I plan to return to Croatia in May 2012 for my project.

    Kristin Vukovic

  2. Lukas says:


    I am a young Belgian man in search of a place where I can live in the true sence of the word. As in living basic, ecological, off-grid, rural, … Do you know if it’s possible or legally allowed to live on Svetac?

    Thank you for the wonderfull foto’s and texts … I look forward to visiting some time soon.


  3. Hi
    Good idea but how about moving to Komiza on Vis Island first? To get to know customs, people, some language… Svetac is a tough one. Yes, it is legally possible that you love there although you will have to report yourself as moving to Croatia with local police in Split to get the immigration papers.

  4. nedcro says:

    Hi Alan,
    should you still have some details of this Belgian guy Lukas, I’ll gladly help him with a bit of information.
    Coming from Holland, we now live here permanently (in Svinisce), and I can provide him with some extra info.
    Poz. Pim.

    Your blog is excellent !
    However, I don’t understand why you don’t like snow 🙂
    We prefer to go to Biokovo when it’s covered in thick snow, and after that, have a drink and some delicious cake on a sunny terrace in Makarska, he he he.

  5. Hahaha Snow is NOT my thing!
    Here is Lukas’ email: lukas@tzennegat.be if you want to contact him dierctly:
    Blog … suffering from A LOT of work at the moment

  6. Stephan Paschalides says:

    Hi Alan, thanks for sharing your opinions on so many things! I’m contacting you in hopes that you’d be able to recommend a couple of amazing restaurants in Zagreb as well as anything on the way to Pula that feature fish and vegetarian dishes. I don’t eat meat and have noticed that Croatian cuisine loves its meat! I love great food and innovative culinary ideas, as well as good design and atmosphere. I’d love any suggestions you may have. Thanks so much!
    Please send me a quick email if you have the time.

  7. Allen says:

    Hello Alan,

    I was reading you great article on peka and was wondering if you had the details of the blacksmith that your ordered your peka from in Zadar. My parents are from Dalmatia and want to arrange to have one made as we live in Australia.

  8. Hi

    You can order peka through us. The blacksmith does not ship and all we need to know is how big peka you need. Medium size, feeding 6-8 guests is 190 E with shipping and handling to Australia. Cooking pan included. If interested, send us email at info@secretdalmatia.com

  9. Karin says:

    Hi Alan, my husband and I live in South Africa, we have visited Croatia many time. We used to charter but bought our own yacht (Oceanis 440) last year in Greece. We moved it to Italy last year October (Brindisi) the plan is to take it to Croatia at the end of April 2014 and leave it in Croatia. We love sailing in Croatia! The problem is we cannot find a marina that is non ACI. The ACI marinas are just to expensive. We would like to leave it in the water for the season (+- May to September) and then haul it out for winter. I did e mail and phoned marina Vinici but Viktor is not replying to me! Can you maybe help? Please!
    Thanks Karin Lumley
    +27 825724506

  10. Hi Karin
    ACI marinas are actually not so many: http://www.aci.hr/en/marinas
    and the rest are privately owned. Marina Vinici is not really an option as it is more of a shipyard but there is Marina Hramina in Murter. Then you have few other I would recommend like Ilirija Biograd, Borik Zadar, Dalmatia Sukošan, Kaštela… or to look up something on the island of Brac as that seems to be one of the least expensive options.
    I hope this helps!

  11. Jurek says:

    Bok Alan,
    My name is Jurek and I’m an research worker/academic from the University of Poznan – Poland.I’m writing a doctoral thesis about the Illyrian’s culture and their mountain hillforts/gradina. So I plan to visit some of them in this year to make some photos.
    The Gradina Bojnik from your blog looks very interesting and I want to visit it. But there are MINESFILDS in front of this place!!! How did you get there and which way? On the Croatian Mine Action Centre it’s look like some road transition between that minefild…?
    Please help me in my indecision. I want to go home in one piece:)

    All the best Jurek

  12. Usually it is best to contact me to info@secretdalmatia.com to get an answer. There are no mines near Bojnik… I was talking to the staff at the mine center and they have warned me but the locals HAVE NO IDEA of any mines being planted there nor have I seen the signs. I would advise to go to the last houses and walk to the gradina but keeping more towards the sea (not all the way to the sea as it will be too long). Let me know if you have more plans as I may join you and show some myself

  13. Hello, I was looking at your post about the secret Vis military base. I want to go check it out, but had a hard time finding information on where exactly all of it is. is there anyway you can message me and give me info on where exactly these are on the island? that would be great. thank you.

  14. Hi
    Bases are not secret at all. They can all be found here: http://www.tz-komiza.hr/sto-vidjeti/vojni-objekti/
    If you want a tour with a local guide, that can be arranged as well. The one at Vela Glava should not be visited on your own as there may still be some land mines around the base.

  15. Amy says:

    Hello Alan, thank you for this excellent read as I have been unable to find any other proper information about Wall of Ostrica. We are visiting Croatia in a few weeks time and hope you can please let me know how far the dirt road goes from Grebastica to the peninsula itself?

    I can see what looks like a road on Google Earth which goes all the way along to the end of the peninsula. If so, It is driveable in a normal vehicle? And is there any parking anywhere at all? I ask as we will have an elderly person with us. Thank you very much for any advice you can offer.

  16. Hi Amy. Last time I was there, there were gates at the entrance to the preserve – just where the wall starts. It was a hunting ground (not operational in season) and one could only park the car at the gates and then continue on foot. I hope this helps!

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