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Best Restaurants of Croatia – Mediteranium, restaurant – lounge bar in Split

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I’ve heard of this place only a month ago going through some Facebook friends. It immediately caught my attention as it looked like something different and so badly needed in Split.  Several restaurants in Split are  fairly classy looking but with mediocre food. Someone would think that would be impossible in the region surrounded by great fishing waters and wonderful fertile hinterland, but that was more of a rule than exception in Split.

So, Mediteranium sounded like the place to check out!

The terrace
The terrace

Mediteranium is in the place of once popular Šumica restaurant near Bačvice beach. It has plenty of parking and it is quite close to main beaches of Split. The outside terrace  is  spacious and deep in the pine tree shades. The interiors are modern and nice and I can see this being a great lounge bar in the summer nights with breeze bringing scents of the sea and pine trees.

But, we did not go there for ambiance…

The menu looks very interesting with several classic favorites but with many dishes that we will have to go back for! The menu is modern and well balanced although I think that they should have a few more fish dishes.

We started with Croquant octopus salad. Very light and very very delicious! Never had crispy octopus! The waiter (who was absolutely great and probably the most professional and competent waiter I met in a while!), suggested the dish and gave several tips for the menu as he realized that we have been in few good places…

Croquant octopus salad - size for two!
Croquant octopus salad - size for two!

We ordered wine by the glass and we went for Pošip Intrada and Duboković Plavac which were to accompany our main dishes.

Penne with cod
Penne with cod
Tuna steak
Tuna steak

First of all, the chef knows his stuff: all the elements of these basic dishes were present from perfectly cooked pasta to masterfully grilled tuna. The plates were decorated with great taste and skill. The tastes were just right as well, with tuna being so perfectly juicy that I am sure to be back for more!

The desserts may be the weakest point of the restaurant as there were only three offered. The apples in plavac mali sweet sauce felt more like the winter dish and my semifredo with sugared almonds needed maybe a touch of cool creme or ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, both desserts were very tasty and perfectly done but I maybe expected something more.

Apples and dried figs in plavac mali sauce
Apples and dried figs in plavac mali sauce

So, this was our first visit to Mediteranium and really looking forward to the next one as there were so many nice dishes on the menu begging us to return and try them all!

The cost is moderate but you really get the value! All this, plus couvert and two bottles of water just under 600 Kuna (cc 80 Euros/$115 ). Credit cards accepted.

The address is Put Firula 6 and you can email them at
I guess thy are so brand new that they still don’t have the web site. Not important, anyway!
So, finally a restaurant in Split I can recommend for great food!


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