Benkovac Wine Tasting

Benkovac-Tasting-001Earlier this spring we had a pleasure to show our hospitality to several quite interesting guests from USA. Mr. Frank Dietrich, joined by his staff, wine writer Marcy Gordon and Zdravko and Marion Podolski of GoHvar blog all joined us at a very special little tasting in Benkovac.

Following the Roman Roads

First Sunday of April brought beautiful, sunny weather and we decided to head in to the hills. This time following ancient Roman road leading from the coast all the way t the interior.

The charm of Vinjerac

Vinjerac is often overlooked. Just like most smaller places of North Dalmatia and most of small villages that are not close to main centers. In a way it is the blessing and a curse at the same time: more and more people are leaving as there are no jobs but the places remain relatively intact. In…

Pece in Vinjerac – revisitied

I was there only once, back in the winter of 2009. Nothing has changed: it is still one of the finest seafood places one can visit on the Adriatic coast! It is located in Vinjerac, one of the most picturesque little towns in the country but also quite off the beaten path as this is…