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Most of us have this fascination with waters. I cannot live very far away from the sea and have to see it at least once a day. So living in the interior is out of the question.. But, I do like rivers. Especially hidden, secret springs just like the spring of river Una.
Since it is only an hour from Zadar (an hour or so), it was a perfect destination for our fall trip. This past fall was just beautiful and even in late October it felt almost like Summer. And the region of Lika was as spectacular as always.

The valley and mountains of Lika (close to town of Srb)
The valley and mountains of Lika (close to town of Srb)

To get to the spring is easy: follow the old road from Zadar to Gračac, turn right towards Knin and then left to Srb. Continue straight on the main road till you see a river and a nice sign marking the path to the spring.

Infomation on the spring and the area
Information on the spring and the area

When we were there, the group of workers were putting together the fence for easier and safer walk along the somewhat demanding and fairly narrow path to the very spring. It is surely completed by now, and it will make it easier for families and children to reach the spring.

Work in progress
Work in progress

The walk to the spring is not as easy as I was expecting but nothing serious anyway. One just has to watch out for narrow parts and maybe some slippery leaves on the ground. Several panorama points have been positioned along the way with some very interesting views.

River Una
River Una

And then the path goes really high above the river. It took us about 20 minutes to reach it but it can be done in less time. We were the only ones there and it was such a peaceful and quiet place of almost unnatural water colors…

The spring of Una river
The spring of Una river

There is a seating area for picnic activities but the place is in the shade and it is not as pleasant so we decided just to tour the spring and head back to one of the meadows we saw along the road.
Besides, groups of people started coming in and I don’t really like big groups in small area as this…

Going to the spring
Going to the spring

Few more shots of this really exceptional color and we were on our way back.

The color of Una spring
The color of Una spring

And I love this graffiti under the bridge 🙂

I love Lika, too!
I love Lika, too!

I always look for some natural foods when going hiking so I was inspecting the area surrounding our picnic site to find:

Wild apples
Wild apples

… not exactly your Granny Smith but quite good!

Cornelian Cherry
Cornelian Cherry (drenjine)

And than it was time to move on to another spring fairly close by…

To be continued….


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