Motovun in the winter

One of the prettiest places in all of Croatia, tiny town of Motovun, is equally magical in the winter time as in the summer when hordes of tourists visit either for The Motovun Film Festival or simply to enjoy the eternal beauty…

Motovun in the morning sun

High above the peaceful Mirna River valley and the mysterious Motovun forest, this town is one of the best preserved examples of traditional Istrian architecture. The walls, the churches, the stone paved narrow streets… all taking you back in time! Most of the town dates back to the Renaissance times but there a lot of additions from the 1600s and 1700s as well as some original medieval buildings.

The view from above

What is nice about Motovun is that there are tourists walking the streets even in the winter. I whish that happens in Dalmatian towns as well! But in Motovun, you can find local artists carving wooden figures and stores selling local delicacies open all year long…

Carving the wooden figures
Local delicacies!

Motovun is always a great stop and pure pleasure!
Most of our clients go there in combination with a great truffle hunting adventure. But that is another story!

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