Winter sunsets in Croatia

Winter is one of my favorite parts of the year for many reasons (and cold weather is NOT one of them!). Mainly because everything looks so melancholic…

I also enjoy fabulous sunsets. Especially when bura wind clears the rainy clouds! Each and every sunset is simply an experience of it’s own! But yesterday, the winds were not so strong breaking the clouds to smaller patches so the sky did not clear. Nevertheless, I drove to the Kamenjak panorama point over Vransko jezero to take a time lapse video. Just a short test for my upcoming promotional video…
Murter Island and it’s archipelago, Kornati Islands, Dugi otok, Vrgada… over 300 dreamy islands in front of me!
My wife was complaining that I will get sick standing there and she was right: light rain at near freezing temperature is not the best time to be standing on top of the hill! But could not resist it… Now I am “richer” for one more wonderful memory!

Although short, I hope you enjoy it!

Secret Dalmatia

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  1. Elisa says:

    Wow! what a wonderful view!

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