Cooking Tours in Croatia – all new for 2010!

Our Culinary – Croatia is the only site that specializes in food and wine travel in Croatia. There are several agencies that sell wine tours and some other experiences but this is the only site that is just for food and wine travel in Croatia. Every year, we introduce a different, “once in a lifetime”…

The stones of Dalmatia – video by Andrew Norris

I watch this video maybe twice a week! That’s how good it is! Simply amazing work: video, music, poetry…! Connect to us on Facebook and Twitter!

Benedictine monastery of Sv. Luce, Šibenik

I recently heard the news that the famous benedictine monastery of Sv. Luce (Saint Lucia) is being restored and that it should open it’s museum/gallery for summer 2010. This is one of the best preserved Benedictine monasteries for nuns in Croatia! I immediately remembered my first visit to this special place a while back, when…

Christmas traditions in Dalmatia

Christmas is a special time of year in all the Christian world and Dalmatia, as traditionally Catholic, is no exception. But, I am not so much into religious traditions as I am into good food and wine. This morning we went to Zadar fish market to stack our selves for today and the Christmas Eve….

Korta Katarina wines at Pelegrini restaurant

This past Thursday, we got invited to Pelegrini for a presentation of Korta Katarina wines. Knowing Rudi, we were sure that the meals will be as exciting! The night did not start well: it was SNOWING! And the roads were pure ice reminding me of some back roads in Massachusetts back when I lived there….

Croatian Maritime Museum – Split

Croatian Maritime Museum or Pomorski muzej is a place not so often visited by the most of the tourists coming to Split. Majority stick to the Palace, Riva, museums in the historic part, Marjan hill, beach… But up on the hill of Gripe, only 10 minutes from the Peristil, Croatian Maritime Museum keeps it’s treasures….

Winter mushrooms in Dalmatia

Winter is not the best time for mushrooms but we had a fairly warm December so we decided to try our luck this Sunday. We have our regular “hunting grounds” in Bukovica so those were first on our list. The day was gorgeous but quite cold… We searched our regular spots for any signs of…

Snakes in Dalmatia: Crvenkrpica (Zamenis situla)

Snakes! I know this is not the most favorite subject for many but I just love all animals and snakes are among my favorites! Unfortunately, I rarely see them… There are only two poisonous snake species in Croatia. The adder and nose-horned viper are poisonous, but if one acts quickly enough after being bitten, there…