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Bota Šare is one of the most respected and highly recommended restaurants in Split. But that does not say much… The competition in Split is fairly mediocre and no restaurant is really something that I would recommend highly. Especially if someone is looking for creative cuisine. The fine cuisine has yet to arrive in Split.

Our friend Marko of took us to Bota the other night for some hanging out and business talk. We also met the owner of a wine bar in Hvar whom we will cooperate with in 2010. but more on that once I get to visit his bar in Hvar Town.

Bota Šare - the interior

We started with a bottle of Graševina to go with carpaccio and octopus salad but soon we moved to Plavac Mali Poljanić. Really good stuff! Only 2000 bottles produced and the price tag to match. The wine is a typical Plavac but lacks the complexity of other wines from the same grape and felt a bit weak.

Plavac Mali Poljanić

Then we moved to a main dish and that was, of course, grilled fish. Fish in Croatia is rarely prepared any other way and that is simply a pity since the Adriatic seafood is of superb quality. We went with one Sea Bass and a fairly big Black Sea Bream that is not so often offered.
The fish was fresh and prepared nicely as expected in the seafood restaurant of Bota’s reputation.

The fish

With fish, we ordered Korta Katarina Plavac and that wine does not stop to pleasantly surprise me as it keeps revealing more and more with every new bottle! As Marko said, each new year should and will be better but this is already one of Croatia’s finest wines!

We ended with rožata and that was quite good.

Bota Šare in Split owns three more restaurants: two in Zagreb and one in Ston and is considered one of the best places for fresh seafood in the country. However, a step forward, towards the more creative dishes would do miracles! Unfortunately, the gastronomic audience is still not educated enough and they usually go for big pieces of meat or fish thinking about eating and not about the experience of food, wine, ambiance…

Bota was packed this past Friday since the live tamburaši band was performing and by 1 AM, everyone was dancing and the atmosphere was more of a club than that of a restaurant but it was quite nice and we had a great time!
So, for fresh seafood and traditional Dalmatian cuisine, Bota is a nice place.

Bota – Šare, Bačvice bb, 21 000 Split

Tel: 021/ 488648
Radno vrijeme: od 11:00 do 24:00

Manager: PERO ŠARE
mobitel: 091/ 1754484

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  1. pročita i osta živ…stvarno si lipo odgojen…a ono da se serviraju veli bokuni ta ti stoji…pitanje je dokle…

  2. ja san samo tija biti konstruktivan u kritici. Lako je napadati ali bi ja volija da svi super rade i da mi se teško odlučit di poći što zbog spize, što zbog ambijenta… al ne virujen da ću to doživit 🙂

  3. Jane Cody says:

    Fascinating and very insightful report. Would be very helpful (!) if you added details of what credit cards are accepted to your restaurant reports. Have you tried the newish restaurant upstairs at Luxor?

  4. Thx Jane!
    We have not yet been to that place in Luxor but will check it maybe even next ime. Haven’t heard much about it, though… Thx for the advice! Will try to provide more information for travelers!

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