Panoramic flight over Split and Brac

It is always good to have friends in high places. Well, at least at the airport, in this case… Our friend Igor called few days back asking if we were for a bit of aerial action and the answer, of course, was positive. I have been trying to offer panoramic flight out of Split for a while now but wanted to experience it first and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to see what can bee seen in an hour long flight.

Meeting point: Split airport, Resnik – Good Friday
Airplane: Cessna 172 Skyhawk – cute but small looking! Have to admit that was not looking too good and safe after my “serious” flights…

Ready to go!
Ready to go!

Anyway, it was too late to go back and just hoped that the wind will not make this ride a very bumpy one.
The take off was more than smooth! Forget about big planes! This is the real deal! Did not even feel it when we took off.
After a minute or two getting used to  a noisy ride, it was time to take some panoramic photos of the Split area.

Kastela with cloudy skies over Kozjak
Kastela with cloudy skies over Kozjak

And then we were over Villa Dalmacija and Marjan hill approaching Split…

Approaching Split...
Approaching Split…

At first, I was taking photos through the window but later we raised it so I can get some more interesting shots. And Split is spectacular from the air!

Split harbor
Split harbor
Residential area
Residential area
Diocletian's Palace!
Diocletian’s Palace!

And then we were off to Brac… I have to repeat it again: we simply have to brand this spectacular blue color of the Adriatic!

Shores of Brac
Shores of Brac

And then across to Milna and bays …

Duboka Bay
Bays and inlets

And then down the southern side of the island …

Southern beaches of Brac
Southern beaches of Brac

…all the way to one of the most recognizable images of Dalmatia and Croatia in general: famous Zlatni rat beach in Bol.

Zlatni rat beach...from the air
Zlatni rat beach…from the air

And then it was time to go back… Over the burned forests of Brac hillside that were devastated in last years’ big forest fire…

Burned down hillside
Burned down hillside

And then back over some amazing blue seas and NOT being envious of the folks in a sailing boat 🙂


And then over Kastela back to the airport…


Amazing experience (and will repeat soon)!

I was most pleased by the fact that both taking off and descending were so smooth! I thought that we will be rocking and rolling due to winds and the plane looking so small. So, now when I am so positive about this, this panoramic flight of Split and Brac (and pother areas of interest) will be offered as part of our tours in Croatia for travelers and people not afraid of great experiences 🙂

Next flight: Kornati!


  1. Wow Alan, these are fantastic photos and offering this flight experience to visitors will be incredible. I hope you come one day to Korcula by plane!

  2. Thank you! I am kinda getting hooked on all this flying thing and Korčula ain’t that far ;))

  3. gusti says:

    ajme zavidin, ti a moga bi mi posudit 😉 onu zanju fotku za moju web stranicu od kamene kuće u kaštela…ludiloooo…

  4. Ma ne tribaš ni pitati! samo javi kako da ti pošaljen

  5. Kristijan says:

    Beautiful light and really great shoots of Split. Are there on the islands short runways for this size planes to land and take off?

  6. Yes. there are some runways on Brac and Hvar

  7. pim says:

    Hi Alan,
    since the website of Split Air is in Croatian (and I am still a Dutchman), I wonder what they charge per hour for I guess three passengers ?
    Scenic flights are fantastic, and a great offer to visitors (or me:-).
    Did likewise in Holland and the USA, each time worth every kuna !
    Pozdrav iz Svinisce.

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