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The 2012 is slowly passing by… Few more hours and it will be gone. But it definitely does not look like late December in Dalmatia! With extraordinary warm (well…15 Celsius…) and sunny weather, it is perfect to spend time outdoors. So, took my son for a boat ride to nearby Ricul Island.

Lighthouse on Ricul
Lighthouse on Ricul

Ricul is easily reached from our home town and it is quite close to the mainland. In the past, evidence exists, the island was a peninsula  connected to mainland by a narrow strip of land but, with sea level rising, it became an island. The name is still a mystery and it is assumed it is Liburnian in origin but the meaning is unknown. The island was once connected to the village of Tukljača that was destroyed and sunk after the water level rose back in the Middle Ages. Now, part of the former village is a graveyard for the village of Turanj. The island – when looked at from the main road, clearly had terraces so it was used for some sort of agriculture or as a pasture…

Definitely not December weather!
Definitely not December weather!

The island offers great views and is one of my favorite relaxing spots – not too far from home but still seems like it is in the middle of nowhere…

View of Pašman Island in the distance
View of Pašman Island in the distance

Once we got to the top of the island, we had a great view of heart-shaped Galesnjak island that recently started making all the headlines being the only natural heart shaped island on the planet.

Heart-shaped island of Galesnjak
Heart-shaped island of Galesnjak

The owners – some distant relatives of mine – decided it would be nice to plant olive trees so there are big “scars” going from one shore to another… It will recover but, with all the publicity the island got, there were much smarter investments to be made. Not in Croatia.

On the top, we disturbed a nice flock of wild pigeons. Once hunted, no one disturbs them any longer so there were over 60 birds flying above us in circles at one point.

Part of the flock of wild pigeons
Part of the flock of wild pigeons

The pigeons are hiding in a big hole/cave on the island. It is believed that the cave served for ritual purposes in the ancient times. Now, it is just an impressive hole! As a teenager, I went to the bottom and we actually found a small opening to another cave but the opening was too small for us to go through so we did not try it. The hole is about 8 meters deep.


The pigeon hole
The pigeon hole

The views from the top are beautiful: Muntan and Duzac Islands to your right, Komornink and Babac right in front, Biograd, Sv Filip Jakov, Turanj… Home.

Pasman chanel
Pasman channel

Yes, there are other beautiful parts of the Adriatic, but this is a very special one: sailing route to Venice for millenia, calm hideout from most of the storms and strong winds, archeological and historical paradise with remains from all epochs of human activity in Croatia.

As the sun set behind Pašman island, the weather turned cooler and it was time to go…


Ricul can also be visited on our Heart Shaped Island picnic.

Travel in Croatia
Tours in Croatia







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  1. Hi

    Good story about your Island but in Australia we have a heart shaped island that was featured when Oprah Winfrey did her TV show Downunder. It is in the Great Barrier Reef just off the Australian North East Coast in Australian Territorial waters . I have no treason to knock Croatians as I have dual Australian and Croatian citizenship. My family are from near Makarska which is on the coast an hour south of Split.

    John Radalj Perth Western Australia

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