Christmas in Dalmatia

As the sun was slowly falling behind Pasman Island, on a day before the Christmas Eve, I took my son and went squid fishing. The evening was beautiful and scents of cold December night were already upon us. The seascape of my childhood and my ancestors, had that ghostly, unreal appearance.

Komorning island in front of us
Komornink island in front of us

The sea was calm and I let my son take the control of the outboard engine. It is about time that he learns how to handle our small, 15 ft, wooden boat that we inherited from our late grandfather. That is, of course a first step as we have two other boats that he will be taking care of in few years. Or so.


We were late going out as it is best to go before the very sunset but we could not make it on time. Besides, it was not about tomorrow’s lunch. It was about the sea and the sport itself.

Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade

Squid fishing is easy: find the seabed with lots of sea grass, stop your boat and let the sea current take you slowly where it wants. Drop the bait (fish looking thingies) all the way to the bottom and pull it up quite often making it look as the “fish” is jumping out of sea grass. The squid is most active in the dusk as then is when it starts hunting for food.

There were very few other boats in Pasman channel by that time and the night was falling fast.

The lone fisherman
The lone fisherman

And, as it was getting quite cold, we packed our stuff and left  home. To get that cold sea air from our backs and hands.
The stars (well, Venus that is) were already appearing on the clear skies.

Cool December night
Cool December night

Did we catch anything? Just a few pieces for Christmas Eve lunch 😉

Stuffed squid, anyone?
All that we need!

Christmas is a very special part of the year and our lives. It is about family, love and respect for all the good and nice things in our lives. Happy holiday season!





  1. Seba Silver says:

    Great photos! Like the new look for the blog. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  2. korlat i one male bestije…uh…

  3. xandimusic says:

    OMG! Great shots! Love the lonely fisherman shot! Amazing!

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    Fancy the idea of squid fishing for your Christmas dinner?

  5. You caught squid!!! In December!? We’ll have to try again.

  6. tinica says:

    The Dalmatian idea of “cold” always makes me laugh. I’ve been there at New Year’s with a heavy bura but it was still above freezing. Sounds like a perfect Christmas Eve with Roko 🙂

  7. Elisa says:

    Sounds like an adventure! Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

  8. Thnx everyone!

  9. I like your photos.Also i like last photo with squid 🙂

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