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“Braja” restaurant and sledding paradise

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I hate snow. But kids love it and, like all of us in Dalmatia, they keep bugging us with same old  “Can we go sledding, daddy?” each winter as soon as they see snow on mountain peaks in the distance. And once in a while we all have to prove to be good parents and take them somewhere. Preferably somewhere close and preferably within a walking distance from at least half-decent restaurant. What is Kupres for folks from Split, Lika is for us from Zadar area. I have no intention going to Kupres ever during winter time but I have to go through at least one Lika visit a year…

Braja sledding grounds. Velebit in the distance
Braja sledding grounds. Velebit in the distance

So, this past Sunday, it was that time of the year: pack up kids, whatever we have of real winter clothes, sleds and off we went to less than hour away Braja restaurant near Sv Rok. It is very easy to get to: turn to Sv Rok exit after the tunnel (first one) and drive maybe a kilometer or so. Big house and lots of parked cars during weekends. Most of them are Zadar plates but some were Šibenik and even Split. There is a small, three-animals-zoo featuring two wild boars, about a dozen deer, some chicken and some other poultry.  Just so it is interesting for kids if stopping in any other part of the year.

Wild boar
Wild boar

But the most important part of the complex is a sledding hill which is actually pretty good. Not to difficult and not too fast. Just right for children. They also have plenty of sleds for those who come unprepared.

Down the hill...
Down the hill…

The problem on sunny days without any serious snow fall is that kids ruin the snow on the hill fairly fast and and then it is  mud sledding. But that did not seem to bother anyone. Well, since it was cold, I did not want to spend too much time outside so we went in to look for some Lika specialties this place is known for.

Traditional interior
Traditional interior

Interior is nice. For 1979 standards. But I did not care. Bring Velebitsko pivo beer and bring food!

Velebitsko pivo
Velebitsko pivo

The menu is short: “What do you serve today?”

“Beans and home made sausages, “Lunch from Lika” and whatever else you want”

” Can we have a mixed meat platter?”


And that was it. “Lunch from Lika” consists of sauerkraut, potatoes, cooked smoked meat and smoked sausages. All home made. Can’t be bad! So we ordered all three. It was cold outside, after all.

Lunch for three
Lunch for three

The portions were huge! But the food is truly great and home cooking, traditional stuff at it’s finest. And when I only think of people who stop at Macola on the highway instead of this VERY short detour…  Macola will not see me any time soon, that’s for sure! So, no matter where you are driving, Braja should definitely be on your list for good quality, tasty food. And it is more then reasonable: 270 Kn for all that on the table + two beers+crepes.

The weakest part of the meal but I need my dessert
The weakest part of the meal but I need my dessert

So, “Braja” is simply a winner. Nice, traditional place in the beautiful Lika countryside, excellent home cooking, something to keep kids amused…  Definitely worth a stop! They also have rooms to rent if you eat too much or don’t feel like driving.

Here are some contact details : and more info but, just stop by. Well worth it!

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