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Dolac Market in the Winter Morning

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Dolac market is always on my list of places to visit when in Zagreb. Last month we had some stuff to do in the city so we went one morning to check the offer and to buy some local delicacies (home made cream, butter…) before heading south.
Zagreb is usually quite “gray” in the winter months with fog covering the entire city. Here, it started to clear and only the tall bell towers of Zagreb cathedral are still in the mist.

Zagreb cathedral on a foggy morning.

No mater what direction you take, all roads take you to Dolac. Many people do their shopping at Dolac as the best and finest produce from all over Croatia can be found there.
It is also a very popular tourist attraction.

Dolac is waking up…

There are several sections of the market and most popular is the colorful, outdoor part where all the vegetables and fruit stands are. It is the hart of Dolac and a typical, lovely green market full of people, noise, smiles…

From leek to lemons
More greens
Catching up on latest news
Potatoes from Zadar region
Cauliflowers of all sorts
With cathedral in the background
Love the color of radish
Greens for soup
Doing some  serious business

Besides vegetables and fruit, there are several stands that sell traditional wicker baskets and other traditional objects that are now mainly serving as souvenirs.

Wicker baskets stands

And then we went to a lower section of the market. Most of the shops and stands below are selling more perishable stuff. There are some unique little stores that sell their own pasta, butchers selling meat, imported fruits…

Foreign fruits
Small market

But the real treasure is in a cool hall that sells mostly local home made cream, cheese, butter… This is something Zagreb folks (and all of us Croatians) are very proud of and

All home made goodies!

But the most interesting person in all of the market is the granny

Traditional corn flour bread!

Poplar are also the flower stands just between the main square and Dolac. A great variety of flowers is available and, in December, lots of Christmas flower decorations are on offer.

Flower baskets

Zagreb is a very fun place all year round. Christmas time is especially popular and lots of people are flocking to Zagreb to enjoy the city. It’s been voted best Christmas destination in all of Europe in 2015!

Monument of Ban Jelačić

While the nights are lit by all those lovely decorations and Christmas lights, days are, typically for this part of year, gray.  But, at this time of year, it is still fun and there are lots of people on the streets: shopping, drinking mulled wine, sipping coffee outdoors or inside many bars…

Manduševac decorated for Christmas.

Zagreb is a great place to visit. Any time of year!


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  1. Loved the pictures of Zagreb. The colors of the fruits and vegetables are beautiful. I would love to shop at that market with the butter, cream and cheeses and get some of that delicious looking bread.

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