The heritage of Škopljanci

Škopljanci is a tiny hamlet, part of  Radošić village in the Dalmatian hinterland known as Zagora. Just about an hour north of Split, I usually take a scenic drive over Malačka panorama point that makes this drive extra special. Getting to Škopljanci is easy. The hamlet is well marked with signs for traditional Bikijada: a festival of village Olympics combined with bull fighting. To get a better picture of what is happening there on that day (last weekend of May, usually) this is from their web site:

Olympics in numbers

If we 22. edition of Olympics and Bullfights expressed in numbers, could say like this: almost 10.000 visitors, over two hundred contestants, almost two hundred lambs roasted on the spit, few roasted pigs…

Bull horns in the tavern

So, when we were invited for a tour and talks about possible cooperation, I was really looking forward to learn more. Also, Škopljanci usually wins every list for a great and authentic experience.

Stone houses preserved

Family Škopljanac has been protecting and renovating their family’s heritage for years now. The 12 old stone houses have been renovated with special care and they are now housing tasting room, smokehouse, large dining room, ethnographic museum, museum of bull…

Škopljanac family preparing a light tasting of their super, home made goodies

So we took a walk around the estate. Visiting the entire property takes time as it is fairly big and there is plenty to see.

Zog za buće or Zog for buće in English (bocce ball court)
Part of the collection at their museum
Traditional costumes of the region
Some sort of a ZOO…

There are some treasures to be found!

A classic!

The place still needs work in making everything more “polished” but, in general, their offer is of high quality as they offer a very good experience and great food.
A bit too oriented to larger groups coming by coach, I still find this place to offer a pretty authentic experience and be sure to visit at the time of the (in)famous bull fights.

More information (and lovely photos) on their website:

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  1. Hi Alan, nice article !
    We used to go to the Bikijade when it was still a very local event. That was the very best.
    Also went once or twice to the current games, still very nice, but the original was absolutely the best.
    Also visit the one in Sestanovac, still like Radošić once started.
    Poz, Pim.

    We´re somehow connected to Radošić by family ties, but that´s another story.

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