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Best Restaurants in Croatia – Fosa Restaurant, Zadar

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Fosa restaurant in Zadar was long on my list but, with hectic work schedule, I simply could not find the time to visit. So, it was a special get together this past December when we decided to go to Foša for lunch. Although I have heard a ton of good stuff about the place, I was a bit skeptical as Zadar is not known for high end restaurants. I was wrong. This is a superb place!

Fosa harbor
Fosa harbor

The meal was a tasting menu and, being pretty much the only guests at the restaurant, we had all the attention. I assume is nowhere near that in the summer time but still, the staff seems quite professional and chef – who is also a manager – came from Istria and that brings a more professional attitude. We, Dalmatians are still a bit too relax to run a high end restaurant I would say. Apart from Pelegrini, there are very few restaurants on the entire coast that provide service at this level.

Fosa - the interior
Fosa – the interior

Although the interior is modern and quite stylish, the most beautiful part of the restaurant is the famous terrace as one of the most romantic settings on the entire coast! It was closed in December, of course but definitely visiting this summer!


For a meal, we decided to go with Menu 3. Pretty much a tasting menu but the chef did some changes to it so we had a very special treat. Fosa is a fish restaurant and well known for the quality of ingredients and , under this new chef, it got a very modern touch!

For starters...
For starters…
Swiss chard soup with fried fish
Swiss chard soup with fried fish
Roman gnocchi in Venus clam soup
Roman gnocchi in Venus clam soup
Grilled fish filet on leek scallion puree
Grilled fish filet on leek scallion puree

And then, while we were barely breathing, the dessert came:

Chocolate souffle
Chocolate souffle

One of the best meals in a while! Cost: 185 kn per person or cc 25 Euros. And then this restaurant is regarded as an expensive… (check their online menu for prices).
Yes, the wine we ordered was pricey but it all depends on your preferences.
The menus and prices, and more information, can be found on their web site:
When in Zadar, and if you are into fine dining or just looking for a great setting, Fosa is our first choice. We are always suggesting it to guests traveling in Croatia with us and never had a bad review!







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