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For the past few months we have been very, very busy and almost no time for blogging. Not that I don’t have to blog about! Au contraire! I have dozens and dozens of most fabulous stories! But almost no time to write  😦 One of the highlights was definitely a fam trip to Montenegro coast last month. Besides Kotor, we also visited Sveti Stefan. But before that, we were mesmerized by the coast of Montenegro!

Budva and Sv Nikola Island
Budva and Sv Nikola Island

So, I chose one of my new favorite places to write about and this Aman Sveti Stefan resort in Montenegro is just that. The place where I could move to! I have been reading and seeing some images about it but that is nothing compared to the first time one actually steps in front of this place.  Yes, it does look pretty from the panorama point in front of the actual island and it is pretty from the air but I was always allured by it’s “silence”, some magical quietness as I never saw people there…

Aman Sveti Stefan
Aman Sveti Stefan

It was strange to me, even as I was a kid, that this island was empty and that I never saw images of old people dressed in black, donkeys, boats… It was always just Sv Stefan – the ultimate in Yugoslav tourism.
And then, war came and Sv Stefan is now in Montenegro. Some smart folks decided to invest in restoring it’s original grandeur and Sveti Stefan became again the most prestigious resort on this side of the Adriatic. This time under the brand of Aman  – the ultimate in luxury stay.

Aman Sveti Stefan
Aman Sveti Stefan

What’s so special about Sveti Stefan? It would be easier to answer what is not! From the meticulously maintained Mediterranean gardens, typical stone cottages restored to offer the ultimate in luxury, privacy, scents and sounds of Adriatic pounding the cliffs bellow the village…to the perfectly trained staff and 6 restaurants for only 59 accommodation units!


The interiors of the cottages and suites are done in a tastefully rustic way with emphasis on clean lines, warm materials and lighting. Very inviting in every aspect! Every cottage is decorated differently but the traditional aspect is preserved by keeping traditional windows and doors as well as wood and stone materials throughout.

Seating area
Seating area

The very village fo Sveti Stefan dates back to the 15th century when people were looking for prefect defense points from the Turks and eventually became a pirates nest. The church of Sveti Stefan is on the highest point of the island and it was built to celebrate a victory over a Turkish fleet near the island of Sveti Nikola. Money taken from Turks came handy! In it’s heyday, it used to be a home for about 400 people but, with Turkish threat diminishing from Montenegro in 1800s, island was slowly abandoned.

Sveti Stefan
Typical Sveti Stefan Cottage

There is something sad about a former village where children used to laugh and play, donkeys and goats lived in stables bellow the living area, men and women used to laugh and cry… being turned into an exclusive resort. Closed to public, Sveti Stefan is reserved only for the richest. It offers the ultimate in luxury and that is seen from the moment you step on that narrow path connecting it to the mainland over pink sands (pebbles), to the service and beautifully designed relaxing areas across the resort.

Pool area ... one of them
Pool area … one of them

With terraces overlooking the Adriatic and enjoying nice breeze, one can really enjoy a proper holiday. Book in one hand, something cold in another, and there you have a perfectly relaxing holiday! And if you get hungry, any of the superb restaurants can fix something great.

One of the restaurants
One of the restaurants

We had few hours at the island inspecting and discussing different possibilities. There is something so magical and unique about it that it keeps me wanting to go back.
…and to send some great clients who will know how to appreciate this unique place! No mater if you are looking for an amazing honeymoon spot or just a quiet and relaxing stay away from the World, Aman Sveti Stefan is one of those very special hotels in the world that really make a difference.

Just sea and rock... in the shade of a pine tree
Just sea and rock… in the shade of a pine tree

Both famous for their beauty and historic places, Croatian and Montenegrin coast holiday are truly top destinations in the Mediterranean! We offer now some great travel packages combining both destinations.



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  1. Sveti Stefan has always been a magical place, now it is better. Great post!

  2. I’ve been fascinated by Sveti Stefan since my first trip to Yugoslavia in the mid-’80s. In recent years I’ve seen photos of Tito there with his pals Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the mid-’60s – and have dined with a man named Miljenko whose father was manager there at the time. He said Taylor doted on him 🙂

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