Restaurant Pet bunara – Zadar

Now this is a major news! I found  a place with great menu in Zadar! After years of searching, tasting, getting out disappointed or pleased but with only “regular” food, finally we decided to have lunch at “Pet bunara”. Actually, this is an iconic place that was here for a while but not known for great food. Mostly pizza, if I recall correctly. It is located right off the Pet bunara square which is a place listed in all guide books so you can’t really miss it.

But today, this is a place with very interesting menu serving local specialties made of local ingredients. They were even awarded by the Ministry of Tourism for their effort in promoting local, authentic cuisine.

The exterior
The exterior

Ok, the exterior does not look promising as people park cars in front of it and they don’t really have a view. But those are just minor details. We sat at the terrace as the day was quite pleasant. It was cool but not cold.
The terrace is small but quite nice with big, heavy wooden tables and chairs. We only peaked inside and the interior seems modern and stylish – something to explore this winter!

They are running special menu with mushrooms and that is definitely attractive but I opted for cuttle fish brodetto with broad beans and polenta and the rest of the group ordered pasticada and Orzo-tto with mushrooms. But what really got us was the bread! Home made by the chef, this is probably one of the best breads we had in any of the Croatian restaurants! Glass of house red wine and bread, and you don’t need anything else! (ok, maybe just a drop of olive oil).
The service was a bit slow but it was well worth the wait!

THE bread!
The cuttle fish brodetto...
Pasticada with home made gnochi
Pasticada with home made gnocchi
Orzo-tto with mushrooms
Orzo-tto with mushrooms

All dishes were very good! Maybe only pasticada was not as good as expected but I am spoiled by my wife’s cooking, I guess. But we were enjoying our lunch very much! Finally something different from the regular risotto-pasta-steak menu! A place where I see myself coming often and a perfect place for Secret Dalmatia clients when in Zadar.
And kids had pizza. Also great!
But that was not it! THE desserts! Save room for them and especially if you like figs!

The fig cake - Sinjorina Smokva
The fig cake - Sinjorina Smokva

The fig cake – called Sinjorina Smokva – as the owner is a brother of Sandra Babac a.k.a. Sinjorina Smokva – is THE BEST DESSERT in the country! Period! I have a very  sweet tooth and always eat desserts so I know. End of discussion. Rest of the desserts are also superb. Especially the carob cake and they also serve lemon cake and orange cake as well.

Carob cake
Carob cake

Finally a great restaurant focusing on food, ingredients, local tradition. And all that at great value – only 518 Kn for 4 main courses, 4 desserts, half liter house red wine, 2 bottles of water and one large pizza. So, there are no excuses NOT to eat out in Zadar any longer and we can’t wait for our next visit.

Address: Trg Pet bunara, Zadar
+385 23 224 010