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Tucked in one of the small gardens in the very heart of Zagreb, Bistro Bardot is a recently opened oasis of French cuisine (and wines) in our capital city. I usually only write about Croatian restaurants but also of occasional refreshing additions to our culinary scene. So, we were looking forward to our visit to Bardot since we only recently found out about them and having even a small sample of French cuisine in Croatia is always a pleasure. Besides, no matter what they serve, they will have at least a basic selection of decent French wines. 🙂

Follow the sign off main street
Follow the sign off the main street

The interiors are pleasant and modern despite small space and the atmosphere was cozy and quite inviting. Also, I am sure that in the summer time the outside terrace is perfect for sampling great wines and definitely looking forward to visiting next Spring! But, in the winter, the interior will have to do…

The interior
The interior

…and the bar area.

The bar
The bar

The service was not at the level we expected… Only one person getting our order and he was … let’s put it this way: not focused. He is an ok person, don’t get me wrong, but he is not someone who will give you that special confidence when you are entering a restaurant you never visited before. I need that welcoming feeling coming from a person who is smooth, knowledgeable, knows wines, daily menu… all that was missing. Since we are relaxed and easy going people we didn’t care but those are basics of good restaurant business.

The menu at Bardot has usual meals that they have at the menu every day and they have weekly specials. The usual menu consists of several different pates as appetizers,  for main course we enjoyed steak in mustard sauce and baby beef served as locally known raznjici. My knowledge of French cuisine is basic so I cannot really comment or compare but all meals were exceptionally tasty and it is obvious that the owner/chef pays great attention to ingredients. So nicely French!

Something to start with...
Something to start with...

and the main course…

Baby beef with vegetables
Baby beef with vegetables

The list of meals is limited as expected in a bistro but all of them are simply superb and delicious and we instantly forgot about our waiter. Especially after few glasses of good Bordeaux 🙂

The owner who is also a chef
The owner who is also a chef

We also had a pleasure of meeting the owner who speaks nearly fluent Croatian  and who was in Croatia for a while now starting his business on the Island of Krk before moving to Zagreb. A very knowledgeable person and his heavy French accent made him appear as an expert on all food so he could have sold us anything 🙂

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake

Four of us paid something around 600 Kuna for 3 apetizers, 4 main courses, 3 glasses of wine and three desserts so it is a great value.

Definitely a place to visit and high on our list of places to stop by for good food and wines. Hopefully, the service will improve as well, and it will be a place to sit till late in the night. Very relaxing place.

Bistro Bardot
Medulićeva 20




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  1. I have passed by the restaurant a couple of times and have been putting off a visit till spring. It looks really cozy, maybe next time I’ll look for a table. Thanks for the review!

  2. Once again, I am disturbed to read about the quality of service. I am almost never in ZGB, but I would expect more professional and sophisticated service in the “big city”. My expectations of good service in Dalmatia are very low. 😦

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