Split’s 10 Best Restaurants program (guest blogger: Mr. Robert Aronson)

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 First post by our friend Mr. Aronson who lives in Split and will be our guest blogger!
Posters like this will be put up all over the city

Today we began our “Split’s10Best” campaign–the first promotion is for the “10BestRestaurants” here.  The idea is to help promote off season business for local area restaurants–most of whom suffer a huge drop in business after the tourist season ends in October.

Each page of the Member booklet features a different restaurant

The campaign features a handsome black box inside of which is a booklet featuring a page on each restaurant and how the program works.  It’s pretty simple–just order any main course at any of the 10 restaurants and get a second main course FREE!

The 10 participating restaurants are:  Apetit, Boban, Bota Sare, Duje, Kod Joze, Konoba Varos, LeMonde, Nevera, Nostromo and Zrno Soli.  All are considered among the city’s best.

Each was chosen because of their reputation–some are classic restaurants like Kod Joze and Konoba Varos that have been around for decades  as well Nostromo, Boban and Duje that serve delicious, traditional Croatian/Split cuisine.  Others are newer and more eclectic like Konoba Nevera, Apetit, LeMonde, Zrno Soli and Bota Sare (which has just opened a fresh sushi and oyster bar!).

The only place you can buy your membership is at each restaurant. Inside the box with the brochure is an individually-numbered member card which allows you to dine out at all 10 restaurants twice.

Not only can you enjoy some terrific cuisine, but you can save a bundle.  With an average main course costing $20-30 (and some of them go as high as $100!) you can save this much each time you dine out–$500 or more!   Since the purchase price is just $40 (200kn) we figure most diners will pay for their card after just a few meals.

Member cards look just like a credit card and are serially-numbered

We hope to expand the Split’s Best brand to other services, etc. in the future.  If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

Here is the link to original article and Mr. Aronson’s great blog on living in Split: http://viewfromtheriva.wordpress.com

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  1. Great, thanks for sharing this. We live in Korcula and look forward to trying out one of these recommends on our next trip to Split.

  2. Perfect for a sretan Božić. And a great idea for Split’s restaurants.

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