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The entire Vis island and especially both towns, Vis and Komiza, are very popular Summer destinations for many. Both towns are well preserved and offering a true and authentic feeling lost in so many other places on the islands and on the coast of Dalmatia.

Being well preserved also means that they both have quite interesting restaurants serving local food. That is the case in both Vis with restaurants like Pojoda and in Komiza with konoba Bako. Since my wife’s family has the old house in Vis town, we spend far more time there than in Komiza and we are more familiar with restaurants in Vis. That’s why we took a foodie trip to Komiza to see what was the food like on the other side of the island. The obvious choice was Konoba Bako as, by many, the best restaurant in Komiza.

Right on the waterfront
Right on the waterfront

When in Komiza, the seafood capital of Croatia, the obvious choice is seafood: fish, shellfish and lobsters as they are fresh and caught mostly in these waters. The restaurant is located right on a water and you cannot miss it. Next to it is more famous Jastozera but locals don’t prefer it is not owned by a local. The obvious sitting choice in the summer time is the terrace but the interior is fabulous so don’t miss it! It holds an archaeological collection of amphorae and all sorts of stuff found be the late founder of the restaurant whose nickname was “Bako”. And there is a lobster pool as well.

Museum in the restaurant
Museum in the restaurant

The food: seafood and some meat classic. We opted for octopus salad (with lots of local capers!) and fried shrimp for kids. We also enjoyed wonderful smoked sword fish. Really special!

Fried shrimp
Fried shrimp
Smoked sword fish
Smoked sword fish

For main course, we enjoyed fried frog fish (again, for the kids) and the Greater amberjack with capers for us (Gof s kaparima). Both quite good although frog fish has such a tender meat that it is a pity to simply fry it when there are so many ways that this fish can be prepared with emphasizing that tenderness. If you enjoy taste of caper sauces, that light spicy feeling to it, than this amberjack dish is right for you!

Vugava...Dreams of Vis
Vugava...Dreams of Vis

Also, when on Vis, don’t ask for wines from any other part of the World but only local. They are fabulous and fit perfectly with food and the entire atmosphere. We paired our food with 2009 Vugava Sviličić. Just perfectly refreshing for hot summer nights…despite 14% alcohol content.

The terrace
The terrace

Overall, Bako is a great experience and will eat there again. It tends to be a bit crowded and requires reservations in high season but well worth the wait. Take a stroll through beautiful Komiza if they tell you to come back later and you will just appreciate it even more!

Prices are reasonable and their web site is: where you can get more information.

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4 Replies to “Konoba Bako – Komiza”

  1. My favorite Dalmatian “secret”. I dine at Bako every year and even have a favorite table. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, especially if you’re in Komiža during a full moon. The lobster is pricier than it is back home in Maine, but the experience – and refreshingly elegant service, for an island – make Konoba Bako truly unforgettable. The museum-worthy collection of ancient urns the proprietor apparently dove for himself is another charming touch.

    Not far from Bako, I love the miniature paintings done on parts of old wine bottles. (That’s usually what I’m shopping for if I need to wait for a table.)

    I daydream about Komiža and Bako all the time!

  2. Thnx, Morgan!
    The service is really great and the owner makes sure everything is in perfect order. The urns are actual Roman amphorae and the owner was a famous diver.

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