Dining at Domino’s, Dubrovnik

Old Town of Dubrovnik is still the most desirable place to have dinner in when in the area. There are numerous restaurants in the very Old Town ranging from small and cozy places to the big restaurants like Lakonda in the Old Town. Like in all major tourist destinations, many of them are not matching the expectations so we usually rely on the advice from my local friends and business partners. A week ago we were in Dubrovnik for business (and pleasure, as always) and we were invited by my friend/business partner Niksa for a dinner.

Stradun at night
Stradun at night

The first question was fish or meat and we are not very big on meat… So we went to see if Proto was available but the place was packed for the next hour or so. So, Niksa, as a true Old Town kid who grew up playing on the walls and in the small streets, took us to Domino Restaurant. The restaurant exists for over 40 years and all that under the same management. We also saw the head of the family keeping an eye on the place as he always does making sure that everything is in perfect order.

Domino - tucked in a small alley
Domino - tucked in a small alley

Domino is primarily known for meat dishes but we we did not feel like eating meat so Niksa went to see if they had some fresh fish. And we were in luck! A 4 lbs (2 kg) dentex was just waiting for us!

Niksa requested the fish to be grilled in one piece so it comes moist and juicy at the table. And that’s exactly how we had it – although it took a bit longer to get prepared.

Grilled dentex - seafood rarely gets better than this!
Grilled dentex - the fish rarely gets better than this!

Since this is a monster, the three of us had trouble eating it all so we did not order any appetizers. The only thing I could not resist was a piece of rozada for dessert.

Predator of the seas
Predator of the seas

Overall, great experience! The ambiance was ok despite the crowds and the restaurant being packed for dinner. The food was prepared masterfully and we really enjoyed Plavac Miličić as their house wine. Next time, though, we need to try their meat dishes they are actually known for… unless they have something like this denetex on the ice again 😉

They have a web site at http://www.steakhousedomino.com/eng/index.html but fairly nonfunctional with all the flash animation. Anyway, the address is Od Domina 8 and it is not that hard to find it.



  1. Morgan says:

    Calling it “Domino’s” brings to mind the not-so-fine dining of Domino’s Pizza.

    I’ve eaten at Domino and it was sublime :))

  2. 🙂 It grabs attention of my American readers

  3. Morgan says:

    Fair play. Domino is unforgettable.

  4. Elisa says:

    Thanks for the photo of the Stradun–brings back memories of my visit there last year! 🙂
    Our rented apartment was near the clock with a prime view of St. Blaise Church and Orlando Column.

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