River Grab and the famous mills

Every late summer weekend we try to spend outdoors. Not sipping coffee but walking and discovering new places and new people. Eating good food as well…
This weekend, since we stayed in Split, we decided to visit beautiful Grab river near tiny Trilj town deep in Dalmatian hinterland. Just over an hour from Split, we did not rush there and went for Saturday morning coffee to Sinj.

Špica at Sinj

As one of my favorite small towns in Croatia, Sinj is a place where I simply MUST bring more guests!
This Saturday, the town was full of people enjoying coffee on the main promenade, hanging out with friends…

And then we continued to Trilj and turned left after the bridge following the signs to Grab village. It is fairly a straight forward drive to Grab and then, after crossing a small bridge in the village, another right turn takes you right to the mills.

The 600 years old mills in Grab
By the river...

We decided to leave the mills for last and to walk to the nearby spring of Grab.

Grab is a tiny river and flows into Cetina just after few kilometers. But those few kilometers are so special and beautiful that the entire river and the surroundings are under special protection. Few people still live in Grab and most of them keep cows and sheep as they can be seen in the nearby fields. There is also a fairly big trout farm just few hundred meters from the spring.

The river has been tamed on several locations to serve the people as there numerous watermills can still be seen but also small ponds and other structures that were built in the past to make the best use of the river.

The woods...

The woods surrounding the river only echo the water but we were not alone as it seems to be a nice spot for some wedding photos for locals!


The water silently flows under a huge cliff. The cliff is almost hidden by the forest bellow and it is a big surprise for everyone coming to the spring. The water is very cold and very tasty – like all spring waters.

The spring...

The woods are filled with life: birds, frogs, bugs… and mushrooms!

Find me! Forest frog (Rana dalmatina)

And something very cute I caught (let it go after wards, of course!)

Grass snake - Bjelouška

And then we went to the mills.
The mills have been operating for the past 600 years or so as no one really knows when they were erected. The mills are still operational and everyone can go there and buy flour – 20 kn for 5 kilos. Great quality and purely organic – no additives!
There are two owners and both are working in the main building that has been divided.

Grab mills

We went to the Samardzic family to meet the famous Iko Samardzic – poet, sculptor, painter, legend…
We will work on bringing more guests up here and, as our clients are educated, well traveled people, this is definitely something up their alley! meeting colorful locals is always a plus!

Mr. Ivan Iko Samardzic relaxing in front of the house

He was featured in several reportages from Croatia shown on CNN, BBC and other major TV stations.
His art is naive but has that genuine and authentic feeling about it and he is a great character to talk to. Very funny in his own way!

Looking at us!!!

The entire courtyard is so genuine that we wanted to stay much longer.
But, like for the ducks under the bridge, it was time to go and find some place to eat.

Ducks under the bridge
Ducks under the bridge

Grab and it’s mills are part of our new day trip program from Split. It is simply sad to see so many people passing by and not even realizing that in about an hour, such beauty exists. Of course, famous uštipci and local cheese will be served with local orahovača brandy!

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  1. bravo ekipa baš mi je drago da van je bilo lipo ka i nama…evo da se još jedan put vidi…poz http://dalmacija.kovacevic.nl/archives/549-ivan-samardi-ika…600-godina-stara-mlinica-u-Grabu….html

  2. A skroz san zaboravija uzet kavu!! :(((
    Ništa…morat ću im poslat što gostiju

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