Unusual medicine of Rade Nekic

The flu – or whatever that was that hit me like a train this past weekend – inspired me to write this post on my good friend Rade Nekic.
Thanks to him, and his medicine (all sorts of stuff!), my family and I did not experience a single cough in years now. I did not have a high temperature in 6-7 years and my son did not get an antibiotic since he was 4: since we discovered the crazy healthy world of Rade Nekic!

The famous cough medicine

Totally unusual guy!
I enjoy talking to him about his philosophy and listening to his wast knowledge on the herbs in the area. Rade is also known to have helped people cure or recover from all sorts of serious diseases and he regularly helps people all over the region.
But, his business is only natural medications like the cough syrup.
I know, we have all heard of the “cough medicine” that cures everything from cough to bad knees, but this stuff actually works!
Not only that, while my kid, like 99% of them, was visiting a doctor for his bi-monthly share of antibiotics, we were going desperate for a “permanent” solution. I kept hearing: “it is normal.”, “there is nothing you can do”…and I simply did not want to believe in that! Then I learned of Rade, who was just starting with his medicine and all our worries have disappeared overnight!
One tea spoon of Rade’s cough syrup whenever we would hear one cough from our son, and that was it!
Rade recommends one tea spoon every few hours when someone starts coughing just to make sure you fight it when it starts and that proved and excellent way to stay healthy! There is a version of this syrup that helps immune system of our body and the only difference between the two syrups is that this one, for cough, has one herb more included in the formula.
It is only herbs syrup and propolis. It is 100 Kn per this small bottle but it lasts for months and, let’s be honest, it is really worth at least 500 000 USD to anyone who knows how annoying dry cough can be or has a sick kid…

Calendula cream

Rade first made his name with his calendula creams. They are made of all natural ingredients and they can even be eaten! Of course, don’t expect any thing really tasty but this stuff is made of mostly olive oil and calendula and it is perfectly safe to eat… if you have no other choice 😉 These creams “work” several times better than any other we used!

Rade won over 100 medals in the past 4-5 years and his portfolio is growing very fast! Over 30 different products are now coming out of his cellar! However, Rade has no serious investors or partners despite all this. Even more problems he has with people in our small town who have no idea what amazing riches they have right in front of their nose and, instead of finding all possible ways to finance a factory or two, they are neglecting everything Rade is doing!

Well, I will continue supporting him and using all his products!

Here is his web site: http://www.pto-nekic.com/

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  1. Rada says:

    You are right about “amazing richnes they have right in front of their nose”!!
    Can I buy a bottle in my place? If not, can you get me one 🙂

  2. stvarno nalaziš prave teme za secret dalmatia…poz…

  3. @ Rada – of course I can!
    @ dalmacija – ovaj čovik je čudo! Umisto da radi i zapošljava nekoliko iljada svita (što stvarno i može sa brojem inovacija!!!), možeš ga vidit kako prodaje na štandu u Zadru po liti. E zemljo, zemljo…

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