Flying from Zadar to Zagreb… Again!

It has been a while! Ever since the start of the pandemic, I was grounded. (Ok, that one acrobatic flight does not count.) So, when the first opportunity came by, I was happy to board a local flight from Zadar to Zagreb. Usually, I would drive but not this time. Flying over Velebit was something I was really looking forward to!

At the airport

Final preparations

Zadar airport is fairly dead at the moment. There are only local connections to Zagreb and Pula and even the early morning flight has been cancelled. Corona virus did its thing… There were maybe a dozen of us waiting for the plane to come from Pula and then continue to Zagreb. Cool but sunny day was perfect for this very scenic flight!

Flying from Zadar to Zagreb

Once we took off, the views started opening. The flights from Zadar airport have some of the most stunning views probably in Europe: islands, mountains, wonderfully blue sea… I simply could not get enough!

Flying over Zadar
Petrčane and Islands in the distance
Over Zaton and Šepurine

We flew over Šepurine I wrote about in one of the past blogs:

Vir Island

One can see that there is still plenty of land to build more ugly houses on Vir Island.

Stunning Pag

Not only from the ground level, but even from the air, Pag is definitely the most unique Croatian island!

Flying over Velebit
No snow on Velebit

The flight from Zadar to Zagreb is fairly short. It lasts only about 45 minutes and it costs about 45 Euros one way. The landing at Zagreb airport was smooth and easy. For booking, it is best to book directly at Croatia Airlines web site:


  1. Anna says:

    These photos are so cool! I have been to Petrcane a few times to visit my Teta and of course Pag many times, but to see from the air is so cool! I won’t ever catch the Zagreb to Zadar flight… after 24 hours on a big plane I am not going on that small one! I’ll catch the bus! 😂

  2. Alan - secretdalmatia says:

    You should get a panoramic flight over this area! I flew few times but will do it again, soon!

  3. Anna says:

    If there are scenic flights in an A380 I’ll do it 😁😁😁

  4. Alan - secretdalmatia says:


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