Winter, carnival and food traditions

Few days back I got a lovely invitation from my friend Domagoj to come join his family and friends for a special carnival menu. That was also an opportunity to meet Domagoj’s good friend and already quite famous Mr. Semir Osmanagić of the Bosnian Pyramid Foundation who had an interesting speech about his latest discoveries worldwide!

So, after the interesting presentation, we headed to Domagoj’s place…

Domagoj's place in Imotski

Typical winter day was enhanced by bura blowing and sun shyly showing through the clouds bouncing off the bright stone walls of Imotski houses…
Cannot get enough of this place.

We started with a shot of Domagoj’s own Blackberry wine. Please do not confuse this with “regular” stuff! Domagoj and his wife make this wine strictly from wild blackberries that are much sweeter than the home grown (or plantation grown) blackberries. It takes about 6 Kg (or 12 lbs) for one liter of this absolutely medicinal product! No one can pick 6 kg of blackberries in one day as you have to cover A LOT of territory so you know that this wine takes a lot of effort even before actual preparation.

Domagoj and his blackberry wine

Since it is that time of the year, we started with a home made soup. With lovely noodles. With a bit of magic that goes well with this crazy part of the year.

Mr. and Mrs. Osmanagic

We continued with very funky carnival rafijoli!
Filled with minced meat and candied fruits, these fried ravioli were a special treat, crazy as the time of the carnival. The ravioli were served with special sauce that was a bit on a spicy side and that went great with the sweet taste of the ravioli. Kujunđuša wine was also right on spot with this!

Carnival ravioli!

The final dish was a traditional pašticada served with gnocchi which is a typical meal for celebrations and special events.


The sweets are, of course, served at he end and we had a pleasure to enjoy some of the greatest krafne and fritule I had in a while!

Fritule i kroštule

And then I had to leave this interesting company but Domagoj is already planning our spring/Easter get-together and who can say no!

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  1. pratim rad gospodina Osmanagića koji pokušava svitu da prikaže sve ono ča je otkrija u Visokome…a pogotovo mi sedopada rad volontera za vrime lita…pohvala i nadam se da če doživit da se sve tajne piramida Sunca otkriju…poz…

  2. Pozvani smo na novu kampanju početkon 6. miseca pa, ako oćeš, ajmo! Nije Visoko na kraj svita a usput ćemo omastit brke u Sarajevu 😉

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