Traditional wine growing in Croatia

This post is long-overdue as these photos have been taken last May. I was so lucky to ran into these people in the fields as they were plowing their vineyard. As you can see on the photos, a man and a woman are plowing there are small vineyard with the horse. This scene is so rare now I have no idea if this can be seen anywhere else in the country. This, traditional way of plowing the vineyard can be probably seen nowhere else but in the rural parts of Dalmatian hinterland as well as maybe deeper in the Balkans.
This scene takes place in the village of Kljuc in the hinterland of Sibenik near river Cikola. We ran into them on our way to Kljucica fortress but did not stop to inquire about this method as they seemed quite busy.
So I just documented their labor with few photos hoping that I will be able to see this once again before it’s gone…

Starting another row...
Hard work...
Leaving them alone...

Looking for traditional wine growing in Croatia? It does not get any more traditional than this!
I did not inquire about the sort of grapes grown here but this area is known for debit and marastina although it can be nearly anything else.

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  1. Cliff says:

    I saw a scene like this in Istria near Pazin last month! Unfortunately I couldn’t stop to take a photo. But so glad you got these pics. Fabulous! Great job, Alan.


  2. Apparently, there are several vineyards still worked this way! A small online registry or a short documentary would be nice 🙂

  3. Elisa says:

    You are right, these moments are rare. thanks for capturing them. We are actually going to visit Sibenik this weekend.

  4. @ Elisa – Sibenik is always a treat! Especially those rarely visited streets in the historic part of the town!

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