Hiking in Croatia – Manojlovac waterfalls

Numerous trails are getting forgotten and abandoned as people move in to the cities. More and more villages are left only to the old people and will slowly got hidden in bushes – draču i koprivu.

One of those trails is the historic trail to Manojlovac waterfall on the upper flow of Krka River. Hidden in the bushes, as it has not been used for dozens of years now, it is a rare treat for hikers!

Manojlovac waterfall in Spring

So, what’s the better way to show “Secret Dalmatia” but to hike to some remote wilderness, have a picnic overlooking a spectacular waterfall and hike down abandoned trail?
Since my friends, the Demicco family from Maine was here on holiday, I promised Marie that I will take them hiking as we had a lot of fun hiking last year 🙂
First we had a picnic and then we looked for the trail. It was not an easy task but I looked for recent trails in the tall grass and found it quite fast.
The first part of the trail is easy to see as it is clearly marked. It is wide enough for carts and carriages as that was the easiest way to get the bags of flour from the mills located at the waterfalls.

Down the path

The trails is fairly long and, in some parts, not that easy to follow as the trees are now growing where once was a clear path. However, after making our way down through that “jungle” we were rewarded by a wonderful sights of waterfalls!


Manojlovac is the second biggest waterfall in Croatia and probably one of the prettiest was well!

The remains pf the watermills are hidden for the most part but some of them probably date from the Roman times as above the waterfall was located one of the most important military camps of the Empire at the time: Burnum.

And then the trail becomes interesting!

Not an easy way up!

Cut just in the base of the high cliff, the trail curves around a lake, huge fallen rocks, trees and small caves!
A pure treat for nature lovers!
After a while, you get rewarded by wonderful views of the lakes!

Up the trail!

The trail is easy to follow all the way up and we reached the top plateau where once a mighty Burnum fortress/town stood. Krka river is beautiful from here and the meadows were full of flowers on this beautiful May day.

View of Brljan lakes

What I like about hiking in Dalmatia and Croatia in general is that the natural wonders are always connected with some historic sites! There is always a great story behind every trail and on each turn you encounter another Medieval, Roman or even older monument!
Next day we took the Demiccos on a much easier hike but not less beautiful!

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  1. Rada says:

    Imate dan za pamćenje!!! Fenomenalno!!!

  2. :))) toliko lipih mista

  3. Kristijan says:

    That’s just around the corner were was ‘didin’ neck of the woods. I’ll have, hope soon, few scenes of Krka canyon video from this location.

  4. I am planning a trip there later this month. If you want, we can meet there

  5. Kristijan says:

    That would be nice if we can work it out.
    There is no set dates yet but if everything goes as planed, I hope that would be day or two during two weeks after June 13th.
    OK, I will definitely send you an e-mail, let’s say around 15th, by then there should be set plan of action. 3rd week, as already mentioned, is 7 days in the shade of Biokovo 🙂 and that’s all that I can tell for sure regarding 4 weeks in Croatia.

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