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Now this is something rare!
So rare these days that I found out about it only a year or so ago! I still don’t know much about it and almost no resources are available so I would appreciate if there is somebody to write a bit more about it!

Čukter – (pronounce as chukter)


Traditional sweets are still available and some, like mandulat or hib, even making a big comeback in nice packages and being sold in fancy stores. But čukter seems to be forgotten…
It is a sort of a “fruit cheese” or paste like the more popular and much better known kotunjata (cotognata in Italian) – Quince paste. Cotognata is an ancient sweet, mentioned in Italian cookbooks as early as the fourteenth century. It is made from a purée of quince cooked in water, which is mixed with sugar, and then carefully cooked, until it obtains a rosy color and becomes clear.
Čukter is very similar but it is made from grape must and sometimes almonds and walnuts are added.
The taste depends, obviously, on the type of grape used but it’s bitter/sweet taste is something that may not appeal to everyone. I like the one made from debit grape and the one pictured was bought on Benkovac Fair this past January 10th.
It seems to be well known in Šibenik area since the antiquity.

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  1. njam, njam, i ovi nije loš…a moga si prova…

  2. Čiovka says:

    Mandulat znan šta je, za kotonjatu san čula ali je nisan provala. A ovi čukter mi je totalna nepoznanica. Nikad nisan čula za to! 🙂

  3. @ Dalmacija – tvoja kotunjata je bila super!
    @ Čiovka – naša san nešto slično da se pravi u Gruziji pa mi nije jasno kako je to tu kod nas došlo. Kakvo je to ime čukter…pari da je od Turaka. Niko mi ništa o ovome ne zna reć!!! Naša san da se spominje u Šibenskom leksikonu pa moguće da je staro…

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