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On eof the most exciting new tours we introduced in 2009. was the Olive Oil tour of Šolta Island that was developed by our good friend Mr. Robert Aronson and fabulous small award winning olive oil producer Olynthia from the Island of Šolta.

Ancient roads still used

At the end of the season we usually inspect most of the people we work with and Šolta was first on the list. Frane Kaštelanac was waiting for us in Rogač ferry harbor. The day was quite cloudy and grim but still warm.

Our first stop was at one of the oldest olive groves on the island! Frane owns some of the oldest trees. Actually, the original tree is long gone but it’s offspring was forming a circle where once the original tree was standing!

Frane Kaštelanac

After we went over the techniques and new progress in his olive groves, we headed to the mill. Located in the picturesque Gornje Selo village, Olynthia’s mill is example of modern, small mills that are quite popular lately with a revival of olive growing in Croatia. The mill uses the latest Italian technology to produce the finest olive oil possible. The computerized process ensures high quality.

The Olynthia Mill

The very tour remains the same: upon arrival, the visitors are presented with the mill and introduced to the technology. The highlight is a video presentation of the story of Šolta olive oil and the Olynthia mill.
But the real highlight is at the table, of course!

The oil

After an introduction to proper olive oil tasting and tasting the oils, the visitors will have an opportunity, starting next year, to taste the flavored oils. Rosemary, garlic and lemon will be introduced later this year!

Next stop is a wonderful lunch!

Bruschettas to start with...
Garlic flavored oil is perfect for baked potatoes!
Shrimp risotto

The tour is a great success due to the fact that is very genuine and offered to small and private groups only to ensure top quality of the presentation and the very tasting at the mill.
In the future, this program will be combined with additional tasting like Dobričić wine or even famous Šolta honey…
Only a short ferry ride from Split, this makes a perfect day trip but can be adjusted for shore excursions from Split!

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  1. srdjana says:

    The home-produced oil is even better than what’s produced at Olynthia. But you don’t get a pretty bottle.

    Looks like the old road from Krusica to Stomorska in that photo. Wish I were there for the harvest this year!

  2. Absolutely agree with you! I am saving my opinion on olive oil in Croatia for my next post where I will discuss the traditional vs fashionable “extra vergine” that is now discussed as the only olive… like we never produced anything else.

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