Secrets of Zirje Island

Zirje Island Byzantine Gradina fortress and Sesula bayHistoric monuments of Zirje Island in Šibenik archipelago

Dolmen in Dalmatia?

I get to cross a lot of territory when traveling. It still amazes me how there are still so many beautiful places to see and things to discover in this little country of ours. Yesterday, I was doing an inspection in Tugare: a tiny village in the hillside of Omiš best known for Tugarke cherries. The entire…

Curious “gallery” on Šolta Island

In Croatia, although small, there are hundreds of really cool spots that I still have to visit. One, visited recently, easily makes the top 10 list of the strangest and coolest places I have seen in a while! It is nothing particularly exceptional, it is not something breathtakingly beautiful but it is just a very cool and unusual place….

Pictures of old Šibenik

Yes, there are beautiful, old cities and towns lined along the coast of Croatia and many of them are quite unique and very memorable. But, although Trogir, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik…attract a lot of travelers these days, my personal favorite is Šibenik. There is simply something about Šibenik. No matter if it is the historic charm…

Fresco painting in Istria

I still have some nice stories from Istria to share… One of them is the story of wonderful fresco painting workshops  in charming Roč town. Thanks to my Istrian partner Zdenka, of Istriana Travel, we are adding this great program to our list of private tours in Croatia. And we had to check it in…