Truffle Hunt in a Sacred Forest

Truffle Hunt in Croatia

Truffle hunt in Croatia is closely associated with Istria. Years of good marketing, solid product and lovely countryside made Istria a well known truffle destination. No matter if you are just there to eat them or to actually pick them. Our clients enjoyed the whole experience immensely and it was often a highlight. Especially when we organize it with Mirjana and Miro in Motovun. But there is also truffle hunt possible in Dalmatia.

Preparing truffles

Cooking with Mirjana

Truffles in Dalmatia

But, there are also truffles in Dalmatia. Like in the rest of the Europe. For example, Serbia has abundance of white truffles but they don’t have the marketing so it is still sold as “Italian White Truffle”. They also import from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania… That is why it is not surprising that there is plenty of truffles in Dalmatia!

Oaks near Rupotine

Few days back we took a hike in the woods near Lećevica/Rupotina in search for some. December is not the best month for truffles so we just explored some grounds. We visited a very special place called Zmajevica that is also known for its 21 ancient oak trees.

Zmajevica Wells and Oaks

This special place has connections with ancient, pre-Christian times as zmaj is dragon in Croatian and oaks and wells used to be sacred. Now they are just nicely kept as a tradition but nothing more. It is a lovely reminder of our pagan past. Someone even put numbers and named them after famous locals. But that is simply silly. These trees are reminders of a very different history than some bishops. Just shows the discontinuity with ancient life and beliefs.

Hunting for truffles near sacred wells and oaks of Zmajevica. Only 40 minutes north of Split.
Going to the woods

Nearby Ljutine forest is regarded as one of the last true forests in the region. The woods are now almost impenetrable as no one has been cutting them for decades now. People usually illegally cut ancient trees.

But, then we went into the woods but too deep. Just to see how dogs react and if there are any signs of truffles.

Tonči with dogs

We were not too lucky but the wonderful day out in the woods is enough of a reward!

If interested, you can see more on the video:

And, if you are interested in actually doing this (no matter if in Dalmatia or Istria), contact us here.