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Fishing in Croatia…and Facebook

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For years now, my neighbor has been a fisherman. He has a small trawler that is just perfect for fishing our coastal waters.


The boat usually gets back in the morning and docks in Turanj or nearby Sv Filip Jakov (near Biograd, Central Dalmatia) and locals come out to buy.

There is also a very clever use of Facebook as they send the announcement when they are arriving and what they have available so one can pre order.

Musk Octopus is regular find
Red mullet

Of course, there is squid when in season and, my favorite – hake fish.

Mol, oslić or hake in English

This is really a great example how modern technologies can help a small, traditional business. And how one can get really fresh fish just steps from home.


Until the next catch…


4 Replies to “Fishing in Croatia…and Facebook”

  1. trawlers have completely devastated our Lovely Jadran ,,,,VERY SAD

  2. This has nothing to do with devastation and that is why I support it. There are several boats who plow the shallow waters and channels which I never buy from. Cannot be compared with this two man operation once or twice a week…

  3. Friend from Dubrovnik who graduated in Marine Biology said all trawling is very bad . The evidence is seen in the tales of the old folk …..My baba describes a sea full of life when she was young …sadly around Korcula its all gone . Most of the Adriatic is a marine desert

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