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Pece in Vinjerac – revisitied

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I was there only once, back in the winter of 2009. Nothing has changed: it is still one of the finest seafood places one can visit on the Adriatic coast!

The view of Vinjerac from the terrace
The stunning view of Vinjerac from the terrace

It is located in Vinjerac, one of the most picturesque little towns in the country but also quite off the beaten path as this is not the main tourist area despite all the wonders of Paklenica National Park, Krka being only an hour away as well as Plitvice. Close to everything but still pretty much unknown. Little has been written about Pece in the past years but the quality is still there.

No need for this
No need for this

The basic idea is still here: serve the best what owner has caught that day or was able to get from his partners. Pece (as that is the nickname of the owner) is from Zadar but now lives his dream running this small tavern in the middle of nowhere. As a passionate cook, his idea was to break away from the standards of Dalmatian taverns: simply grilled fish, swiss chard on the side, often bad home made wine… His idea was to implement all the best ideas he gathered over the years sailing the world and combine them with the ultimate seafood found in Croatia.

And, as in every similar establishment, there is no need for the menu. Just ask what they recommend and take their advice!

Just something to start with...
Just something to start with…

As we were a fairly big group with 4 kids, we decided to order several dishes to get the best of everything.

Honey fried shrimp
Honey fried shrimp
Fish soup
Fish soup
Stuffed baby cuttlefish
Stuffed baby cuttlefish
Shrimp in mustard sauce
Shrimp in mustard sauce
Home made tri-colori gnocchi with spider-crab sauce
Home made tri-colori gnocchi with spider-crab sauce

I am not sure if I got all these names right but Pece definitely got all the tastes right! Everything was really superb. One can also notice that Pece pays attention to the plates and serving dishes so each dish comes in a very different plate. No matter if classical or rustic, Pece has them all.

“Drunken” figs

Now there are few rules to remember:
– Pece opens at 4 PM every day, year round
– despite being away from the main routes, this place is popular with the locals and one should definitely make the reservation
– try to discuss the menu with the chef when making the reservation. He likes challenges.

For every seafood lover, this should be a mandatory stop when traveling from Zagreb to Dalmatian coast as it is only about 10 minutes away from Posedarje exit on the A1 highway.  Of course, if in Zadar area, it is just a short ride to a place that will, probably, serve one of the best meals of your holiday!


2 Replies to “Pece in Vinjerac – revisitied”

  1. Another proof it is possible to be creative with local ingredients !
    Truly looks delicious, but I won’t tell my wife, as she loves seafood, while I only like animals with two or four legs.
    (I know, I know, I’m the fool this time).

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